Saturday, April 22, 2017 | AT&T Park, San Francisco

A day to think a little differently.


AT&T Park


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EdRev 2017 Keynote Speaker

Scott Barry Kaufman

psychologist and author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined and Wired to Create

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100+ Exhibitors

Technology for Learning, Student Art Show, Career Fair, Community Orgs, Schools, Colleges & Summer Programs

15+ Speakers

Keynote Program featuring nationally renowned speakers + 15 Workshops

Student Activities

Student celebration, field activities, batting cages, pop-fly machine, running the bases
Exhibitor at EdRev

Meet parents who’ve been in your shoes.

Attend workshops and talk to the experts.

Imagine a new learning journey for your child.


Meet other students who are taking charge of their education, proud of who they are and how they learn.

Imagine a new learning journey.

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Parents and educators partnering together opens new possibilities for students.

Hear from teachers helping to create new learning journeys.

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