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2017 Exhibit Area

exhibit_tableThe Exhibit Level at EdRev 2017 will be open 9 am to 3 pm. In addition to over 100 companies, schools and organizations exhibiting, there will be:

  • The ever-expanding Technology Section!
  • Student Art Gallery, displaying all works submitted to the Art Contest
  • A range of relevant books for sale by Books Inc.

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EdRev 2017 Exhibitor Listing

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EdRev Partners

Parents Education Network (PEN)
Parents Education Network (PEN) is a coalition of parents collaborating with educators, students and the community to empower and bring academic and life success to students with learning and attention differences.

Be ready to communicate, collaborate and participate in IEP meetings. Join Understood.org to learn how to make your own IEP binder to keep all your information organized! We’ll have sample binders, a two-minute how-to video and the related forms you’ll need to create this powerful tool.

Bring your kids and enjoy some sensory-friendly fun with Understood.org, a free resource for parents of kids with learning and attention issues. With activities like sensory freezer-bag writing and “Spacekids,” we’ll show you multisensory learning techniques you can take home with you—and provide you with related printable tools!

Community Corner

Welcome to CHADD of Northern California, your resource for helping you and your child learn what attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is and what it isn’t. We will provide you with the tools and information that your child needs to fully develop his/her potential. It starts with getting the right diagnosis, finding the right treatment, getting help at school, and learning from others who have walked in your shoes.

College Funding Educators of America
College Funding Educators of America is a non-profit dedicated to helping families of college-bound students understand how the complex need-based financial aid and scholarship process works. We present college funding strategies that will help reduce a families  out-of-pocket expense.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for Special Education for the SFUSD
The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) advises the San Francisco Unified School District in the development and review of the Local Plan for Special Education and advocates for effective special education services for children in San Francisco. It is composed of parents, students with special needs, professionals and interested community members.

Decoding Dyslexia CA is a grassroots movement driven by California families, educators, and dyslexia experts concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for dyslexia within our public schools. We raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children and inform policymakers on best practices to support students with dyslexia.

Family Resource Center at Gatepath
Gatepath’s Family Resource Center provides parent-to-parent support, outreach, information and referral services to families of children with special needs and disabilities and the professionals who serve them.  Our primary focus is families of children from 0-5, but we support any family with a child up to age 22.

Gatepath has one of the most comprehensive service portfolios spanning all ages from Early Intervention for children to community access and job training for adults and seniors. All programs are designed to prepare children and adults to actively participate in their schools, community, workplaces and at home.

For busy parents, stress is a given. But we at Heal believe that seeing a doctor should be a stress-free endeavor. With Heal, you can have a quality pediatrician or family practice doctor sent straight to your door at the touch of a button–on your schedule.  Heal doctors are available to treat kids and adults from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays). Whether it’s preventive, primary, or urgent care needs — Heal has you covered.

Moving Forward Towards Independence
We are a non-profit residential program. Fostering growth in social, vocational, and independent living skills.

Nina G: Comedian, Author, Professional Speaker
Nina G is the funniest comedian, children’s book author and professional speaker who stutters and has learning disabilities.  She speaks to diverse audiences and offers trainings on everything from universal design in learning to self-advocacy.  Learn more at www.NinaGcomedian.com

Northern California Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (NCBIDA)
NCBIDA has been providing research-based information on dyslexia to the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California for more than 40 years. Our goals are simple: increase awareness of dyslexia, disseminate information about dyslexia, and encourage the use of research-based programs for teaching students with dyslexia.

SAFE (Student Advisors for Education)
SAFE is a community of teens with learning and attention differences (LD), such as dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, executive function variances and other similar learning challenges. These teens seek to change the belief that having a LD is a bad thing and, instead, demonstrate their many strengths.

San Francisco Public Library
San Francisco Public Library supports learning differences by providing resources, support, and programs for adults, teens, and children with dyslexia, attention disorders, processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and other learning differences- and also their families, friends and professionals. SFPL also has a new Orton-Gilingham based one-on-one tutoring program called FOG Readers.

San Francisco SPCA AAT Programs
The Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program, established 2007, helps young learners struggling with basic literacy acquisition. Program participants read to certified therapy dogs to build confidence and reading fluency. We have volunteer-dog teams in SF Unified and independent schools, SF Public libraries, and Boys & Girls clubs throughout San Francisco.

Support for Families(SFCD)
Support for Families is a parent-run San Francisco-based nonprofit organization founded in 1982. We support families of children with any kind of disability or special health care need as they face challenges.  Our Vision is that families of children with disabilities will have the information, resources and support they need to make informed choices for their children.

Sutter Health California Pacific Medical Center Kalmanovitz Child Development Center
The Child Development Center offers a comprehensive assessment and treatment program for the infant, preschooler, school- age child and family. Our comprehensive assessments may include Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics, Learning Assessments, Psychology, Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Feeding Therapy. A variety of programs are offered on a continuous basis which include: Ed Therapy, Sp/L Therapy, OT, PT, Psychotherapy, Feeding Clinic, Social Skills Group, Behavior

Creativity Unleashed!

Dyslexia Rules!
Dyslexia Rules! is a  book written by Makayla Halbower about her life in 3rd grade. She talks honestly about her challenges.  She learns that with dyslexia also come special talents. With perseverance she is able to accomplish anything. Meet Makayla and get a signed copy of this very special book!

Marie’s Words: Picture Words In a Flash!® Visual Vocabulary Flash Cards
Picture Words, by Marie’s Words, is a comprehensive visual, audible, and verbal language learning program. Created by a family of three students, Picture Words inspires hours of learning, laughter, and fun! It is endorsed for all ages and learning abilities, including ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and Aspergers.

SIKidSF – A Support Group for Parents of Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder
SIKidSF is a support group for parents of kids with sensory processing disorder.  Through our website and online group we are constantly recommending sensory related services, professionals, schools, research and tools to make life easier. We have intimate monthly in-person meetings to share stories, vent and support each other.

Usborne Books & More
Award-winning educational children’s books designed to involve, excite and educate our children.

Discovery Beyond School

Aspen Network /Meg Fields, Psy.D.
Aspen Network programs for adolescents and young adults with social anxiety, OCD, depression, LD and Non- Regional Center autism spectrum disorders. Residential Living Program helping young adults overcome or compensate for challenges in the path to adult life. Summer Camp in July (Truckee-Tahoe). Social Groups focusing on social-ease.

Camp Kodiak
Camp Kodiak is an integrated, non-competitive camp for children & teens with & without ADHD, LD, and high-functioning ASD. We provide social skills and academic programs, and 50+ activities. We have small cabin groups, 2-to-1 ratio, and a professional staff. Our cabins have electricity and full bathrooms with a shower.

Moving Forward Towards Independence
Moving Forward Towards Independence is an independent living program  committed to supporting and guiding each resident in the program to achieve his or her highest potential. By providing a safe environment that maintains a balance of challenges and support, Moving Forward fosters growth in social, vocational and independent living skills.

New Directions for Young Adults California, Inc
New Directions for Young Adults California (NDFYA-CA) is a transitional living program that helps young adults with high functioning autism, executive functioning deficits, and other disabilities learn the skills needed to live independently. Our clients live in private apartments and receive support with life management skills, financial management, academic counseling, social skills training, and more.

Seize the Year
Seize the Year is committed to developing a transformative Gap Year experience for students who are graduating from high school and have decided  to defer or postpone college.   We provide a systematic approach to advancing a student’s  goals/interests by identifying appropriate opportunities including travelling, volunteering, studying and working.

SOAR offers high adventure summer camps for youth & young adults with learning and attention issues. Campers build friendships, increase their self-confidence, and develop life skills through unforgettable outdoor adventures! Locations include California, Wyoming, Florida, North Carolina, New York, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica!

School Fair

Athena Academy
We are a nonprofit private school in Palo Alto. We use the best teaching methods, based on current scientific research, for each of our amazingly bright, creative and capable dyslexic students. Our individualized education program teaches to each student’s strengths and gifts along with helping them to overcome their obstacles.

Bayhill High School
The mission of Bayhill High School is to educate students with learning differences, focusing on their individual learning needs, with the goal of maximizing their inherent abilities and their potential to succeed.

Bound4College is a college counseling and consulting company. We believe that ALL intellectually capable students, including those with learning, neuro-typical and psychoeducational challenges, can succeed in a four year college. I have 25 years’ experience as an MFT and college counselor working with adolescents, and use a holistic approach to assess the needs, goals and capabilities of each student.

Brehm Preparatory School
Brehm Preparatory School is a co-ed boarding school for students in grades 6-12 with learning difficulties. The Brehm holistic experience includes: a fully accredited high school, individualized academic curriculum, recreational programs, clinical staff and speech language pathologists. Additional programs include a 4-week summer program and the Brehm Arrowsmith Program.

Charles Armstrong School
Charles Armstrong School serves high potential students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, empowering them to thrive as learners in school and in life. Armstrong enrolls approximately 250 students in grades 2 through 8, entwining academic achievement with cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth.

Chartwell School
Chartwell is the leading school on the Central Coast for students aged 7-19 years with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning differences. Students in K-8 are taught from a research-based curriculum which emphasizes a multi-sensory phonemic approach to literacy. The High School program provides students with project-based learning and field experiences through their college-prep program.

The College Funding Coach
The College Funding Coach® was founded in 2002 to help families better understand the complex strategies for paying for college and making higher education more affordable.  Since that time, The College Funding Coach team have been on a mission to help families save on the high cost of higher education.

College Living Experience
College Living Experience (CLE) provides individualized services to young adults with learning differences and varying disabilities in the areas of academics, independent living, social skills and career development.

Compass High School
Compass High School provides a multifaceted educational program for students with learning differences. Our supportive, individualized approach not only includes a college preparatory program, but also offers students and their families integrated services and support.  We help students develop their full academic potential, critical learning strategies, social competence and self-advocacy.

Eagle Hill School
Eagle Hill School is a co-educational college preparatory boarding school that provides an individualized education for students identified with language based learning (dis)abilities including dyslexia and dysgraphia as well as ADHD (inattentive sub-type).

GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum
Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) is a 501(c)3 which supports, educates and advocates around the world for gifted and twice exceptional children, their families, and the professionals who serve them, as they pursue alternative, lifelong educational paths.

The Gow School
A college-prep boarding and day school for students, grades 6-12, with dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities and attention issues.  We also offer a 5-week summer program with morning academics, afternoon and evening activities and weekend trips.

Halstrom Academy
Halstrom Academy is a unique private school with an enriching academic environment that cultivates the individual personalities, skills and talents of children in a safe, supportive and socially engaging atmosphere. Over 16,000 students, grades 6-12, have embraced our philosophy and one-to-one teaching model to go on to achieve the highest levels of success through education.

The Helix School
The Helix School is a non-profit school, located in Mill Valley, CA, serving children with mild to moderate autism spectrum disorder.  Helix’s mission is to provide quality instruction to children with ASD, so they may experience the success, self-realization, and fulfillment that come from learning, self-expression, self-care, and community participation.

Holden High School
Holden High School is a private, non-profit, WASC-accredited high school that has been addressing the academic and social emotional needs of teenagers since 1969. Our student body comprises up to forty students in grades nine through twelve with a student-teacher ratio of 5:1 or better. Students come from all over the Bay Area, from cities like Concord, Oakland, San Ramon, and reflect its diversity.

HomeSchool Association of California
HomeSchool Association of California is a volunteer-run nonprofit that: *Honors the diversity of homeschoolers *Supports the entire spectrum of homeschooling *Provides information, networking and support for homeschoolers *Monitors and influences legislation *Offers opportunities for families to get together *Empowers families to make choices that respect children’s rights, needs, and aspirations

Landmark College
Landmark College was the first institution of higher learning to pioneer college-level studies for students with dyslexia. Today, Landmark offers two- and four-year degree programs for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD, as well as summer programs for high school and college students who learn differently.

Landmark School
Landmark is a coeducational day and boarding school offering academic and summer programs for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities, grades 2-12. A daily 1:1 tutorial along with a variety of methods and programs individualize each student’s experience.

The Laurel School
At The Laurel School, we nurture and support children with learning and attention differences as well as those who thrive in a smaller classroom setting. With compassion and an empathy-based approach, we unlock the exceptional potential in our students and focus on their strengths.

Life Development Institute
Life Development Institute, located in Phoenix, AZ, offers fully accredited high school, post-secondary, and summer programs for young adults who have ASD, ADHD, LD, and other related conditions.  LDI serves those who thrive in a learning environment providing holistic academic and community engagement.  Additionally, LDI embeds adult content and integrates practical college strategies.

Los Altos Christian Schools
Los Altos Christians Schools’ Learning Assistance Department and Program (K-8) emphasize small self-contained classes, visuals, listening strategies, and hands-on learning through Slingerland and Orton . The program is dedicated to teaching children in the way they learn, using a varied multi-sensory approach to education across the curriculum.

Lydian Academy
Lydian Academy was founded and is operated by local parents. We are ONE campus with ONE focus: an authentic education customized to the uniqueness of every learner. Using a strengths-based approach, we tap into your child’s natural gifts and talents, making education relevant, inspiring, and accessible to all.

Mansfield Hall
Mansfield Hall is an innovative college support program and living and learning community for students who have the academic potential to be successful in college. Our mission is to empower and support students with diverse learning needs to earn a college degree, develop authentic living skills, and create a meaningful life.

The Marin School
The Marin School celebrates and encourages diverse thinking and learning. Our students are engaged and inspired, learning in an environment that supports collaboration – not competition. TMS offers a unique and inclusive program for students with learning differences. Visit us to learn more about our neurodiverse community.

Meristem is a Transition Program for young adults, 18 & older,  on the spectrum, or with other developmental differences. Meristem  provides the foundation for a fulfilling and productive life by optimizing young adults to realize their full potential. Meristem promotes independence by developing life skills, social capacities and transition to work.

Mid-Peninsula High School
We are a college prep, coed, non-profit independent high school where students are the center of all that we do. In our close-knit and collaborative community, our extraordinary teachers inspire academic confidence by empowering diverse learners to reach their individual potential.

Monterey Coast Preparatory Middle and High School
Monterey Coast Preparatory Middle and High School provides accredited college preparatory education for students with learning differences. We exist because normal is boring. Everyone deserves a high quality education, especially those that learn differently.

Moving Forward Towards Independence
Moving Forward Towards Independence is an independent living program  committed to supporting and guiding each resident in the program to achieve his or her highest potential. By providing a safe environment that maintains a balance of challenges and support, Moving Forward fosters growth in social, vocational and independent living skills.

My City School
My City School is an experience-based learning environment for middle school children for mild to moderate LD students who thrive in an environment that serves their kinesthetic, multi- sensory learning styles such as Dyslexia, ADHD, CAPD, Dysgraphia, 2E (Twice Exceptional), and Dyscalculia. Our program delivers an individualized curriculum that teaches to and increases the capacity of each child’s ability to learn.

North Bridge Academy
North Bridge Academy (located in Larkspur, CA)  is a non-profit school with the mission to educate high functioning dyslexic children grades 3-8.

Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU)
Established in 1851, Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) is the third oldest college in California. NDNU is a Catholic, not-for-profit, coeducational university, located on the San Francisco peninsula in Belmont.

Orinda Academy
Orinda Academy is more than just a school; it is a place where students from 8th to 12th grade can develop intellectually, discover themselves, and prepare for the future. It is our mission to provide a college preparatory education to empower each student to reach his or her full potential as a successful, confident, self-reliant individual, including those smart, creative students with learning differences.

Palo Alto Prep School
Redefining Education for over 30 years.  Our small high school academic environment accommodates students with the individual attention that allows our students to understand college prep curriculum, comprehend the solutions, and thrive.  We are able to reach beyond traditional curriculum and cater to the individual’s creative and expressive needs.

Purnell School
Established in 1965, Purnell is at the forefront of education for girls from across the globe with different learning styles. Our highly individualized approach is tailored to the precise learning style of each student. Girls in grades nine through twelve learn within a creative, reflective, and supportive classroom and boarding community.

Raskob Learning Institute and Day School
Raskob Learning Institute and Day School is a non-profit serving the Bay Area for over 60 years. Raskob Day School is an academic program for bright students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, grades 3-8. The Clinic provides 1:1 Educational Therapy; the Diagnostic Program offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations.

The RSP at Archbishop Riordan High School
The RSP at ARHS believes that fairness does not mean that everyone gets the same thing, fairness means that everyone get what they need.  For over 30 years, the RSP has been providing what students with LD’s need to be successful at an all boys, catholic, college prep high school.  We serve over 130 young men with LD’s – 99% of them will go to college!

SALT Center – The University of Arizona
The SALT Center is the leading comprehensive academic support program for college students who learn differently. Today, more than 600 University of Arizona students with learning disabilities, AD/HD, and a range of other learning differences utilize SALT Center services to help fulfill their dream of earning a college degree.

Sand Hill School
Sand Hill School serves bright 1st-8th grade kids with dyslexia and other learning differences. Students connect with expert teachers and specialists who team up to deliver the most effective and personalized teaching methods for language-based learning differences like dyslexia. Small classes integrate social emotional learning, executive functioning and academics.

Stanbridge Academy
Stanbridge Academy is a caring, inclusive K-12 school in San Mateo for students with mild to moderate learning differences and social communication disorders. We use an individualized, whole student approach so that students thrive and develop their academic, social, and emotional capabilities to their fullest potential.

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics
Stellar Academy for Dyslexics has a proven track record of providing dyslexic students with a nurturing learning environment tailored to their unique learning needs.  The object of our program of structured literacy intervention is to equip 2nd-8th grade students with strategies that allow a return to regular public or private school placement.

Sterne School
Sterne School is the premier Bay Area School inspiring students who learn differently and students who benefit from a small, personalized learning environment. Sterne fosters rigorous academic achievement through high-support from specially trained faculty. The Sterne School curriculum is a strengths-based model promoting intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving.

Tilden Preparatory School
Tilden Prep is a WASC-accredited college-preparatory middle and high school teaching students 1-1 and in small groups. Students learn to 80% (B) or higher level of mastery to ensure success. With a wide range of UC-approved regular and Honors/AP courses, students maximize both their learning and their self-confidence.

Touchstone Learning
Touchstone Learning  focuses on nurturing and empowering dyslexic children. Our specialized program utilizes small learning groups, diagnostic teaching, and targeted, private dyslexia tutoring. Students experience real progress: unlocking the code, expressing their potential, regaining self-confidence and building skills to transition into traditional school settings. Classroom, tutoring, screenings, summer school.

UCAM – University Counseling and Mentoring, Southern Oregon University
The University Coaching and Academic Mentoring Program  (UCAM) at Southern Oregon University models, coaches, and teaches successful student skills, including time management, organization, and perseverance. This is provided in individualized coaching sessions to meet specific student needs, helping students through transitions and connecting them with other SOU resources.

UP Academy
We provide academic, physical and emotional growth with curriculum that is individualized and project-based. Our students are intelligent, capable, independent thinkers who will be equipped with the skills necessary to be competitive in an ever-changing world.

Wayfinders at Fresno State
Wayfinders at Fresno State is an inclusive post-secondary program for young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, between the ages of 18-28. Wayfinders focuses on teaching it’s students independent living, vocational and self-advocacy skills, thereby increasing the life-choices available to them, thus enhancing their quality of life.

Technology for Learning

Ability Tools
Ability Tools is the California State Technology Act Program.  We provide a variety of services to Californians of all ages and disabilities.  The services include Device Lending Program, Information and referral, Financial Loans for AT, Reuse program for devices, and more.

BeeLine Reader
BeeLine Reader’s technology increases reading fluency and comprehension for readers of all ages and skill levels. By using eye-guiding color gradients, BeeLine Reader improves visual tracking and makes reading easier. BeeLine Reader is backed by Intel Education and adopted by Bookshare and the California Public Libraries.

Center for Accessible Technology
Access to technology is a critical component for success in schools. Children who can access information via technology are at an advantage, and can better succeed in school. For kids with disabilities, the need for technology is even greater. Computers with appropriate technology can level the playing field.

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media helps families make smart media choices, offering independent age-based and educational ratings and reviews for everything kids want to watch, play, read and learn. Our resources for kids with learning differences teach how to configure devices, boost social skills, and determine the best digital media for families.

CoPilot Systems
CoPilot is a web/mobile solution that supports weak executive function in high school in college students. Our technology breaks assignments into manageable tasks and automatically schedules them onto the student’s calendar based on their study style and learning preferences. Reminders and rescheduling features ensure nothing falls through the cracks. One-on-one coaching is also available.

Customized Learning and Study Solutions (CLASS)
CLASS, run by Shayla Whiteley,  specializes in learning disabilities and executive functioning and is dedicated to helping individuals build customized strategies, systems, and skills that will help them achieve their goals efficiently.  We provide 1:1 coaching, parent and teacher education, and provide tips and resources on our website.

Mind My Education
Cultivate CRITICAL THINKING skills at home & in school across reading, writing, math, science & personal learning quests!  Available online & in print, CoreAtlas feels like an epic adventure game where children develop metacognition and take charge of their education. Enhances any other educational products you already love. Try www.CoreAtlas.io today!

Bad handwriting needn’t be an obstacle to success in math. Our free app allows kids with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities complete class assignments without pencil or paper.

NeuroPlay Brain Training
NeuroPlay Brain Training is dedicated to helping children and adults boost logic and reasoning skills, improve concentration, increase processing speed, and maximize working memory. This is done with Executive Function Coaching, Cogmed, Neurofeedback, or PACE. NeuroPlay increases cognitive skills by using fun brain games. Best of all, we can come to you!

SmartFeed makes finding, saving, getting and sharing – inspiring, positive family media – easy for busy parents. Combining the personalization, discovery and social networking elements of a Spotify with easy comparisons by providers, pricing + editorial / expert POVs like Kayak – SmartFeed flips the media purchase model from being distribution driven to being consumer driven.

Executive Function is a challenge and an opportunity. With input from educators, technology experts, students, and parents, StudentPOS software will prioritize and plan–allowing students the ability to focus on academic content while reducing frustrations. Visit our booth to learn more and sign up to participate in our beta!

Support for Families (SFCD)
Support for Families is a parent-run San Francisco-based nonprofit organization founded in 1982. We support families of children with any kind of disability or special health care need as they face challenges.  Our Vision is that families of children with disabilities will have the information, resources and support they need to make informed choices for their children.

TacScreen – iPad Learning Screen
Every child using an iPad for education needs this screen. TacScreen is a tactile iPad learning screen that easily covers any tablet; transforming it into a multi-sensory learning device. Promotes early advanced reading  and stimulation for the Dyslexic  Autistic  and ADHD brain. TacScreen adds the fundamental technique of multi-sensory stimulation to iPad learning  especially useful for OT’s as a “clean” replacement for sand.”

Technology Resource Center of Marin
The Technology Resource Center of Marin is an assistive technology center that serves students in 19 school districts with any and all disabilities from ages newborn to 22 in the Marin County School system.  We are a free resource that offers IEP team consultations, weekly open labs and trainings.

Technology to Unlock Potential – Shelley Haven, ATP, RET
TechPotential serves families, educators, and schools throughout the Bay Area with a focus on technology for learning differences, ADHD, and executive functioning. Certified AT Professional Shelley Haven specializes in matching students with appropriate technology, and provides training and technical assistance on tools for reading, writing, math, notetaking, organization, planning, and attention.

Understood – Through Your Child’s Eyes
Have you ever wished you could understand what your child with learning and attention issues may be experiencing? In this exhibit, led by Understood.org, you will play a simulation to see how it feels for your child. When you can see it from their side, you can be on their side.

Testing & Solution Center

Bonnie Terry Learning
Products and services for dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism spectrum that improve learning in reading fluency, comprehension, writing, spelling, phonics, math, and study skills. Books, games, guides and online Educational Therapy Programs teach parents and teachers how to help their students in 20 minutes/day.

Brain Balance Center
Brain Balance establishes a unique plan for each child that includes sensory motor work, eye tracking, core exercises, academic skill training, healthy nutrition and many other activities that work to bolster a child’s developmental deficits. What is unique is that Brain Balance brings all these activities together in one program.

The Brilliant Dyslexic
We offer training, tutoring, materials, and online courses to teachers and students with dyslexia. Our program is designed to expand mindsets and create a positive atmosphere for learning.

The Center at CHC
The Center at CHC supports kids, teens and young adults challenged with ADHD, Learning Differences, Anxiety & Depression and Autism. We provide accessible, affordable evaluations, therapy and programs. Glen Elliott ADHD Program, Early Support Program for Autism and the Teen Mental Health Initiative, aimed at combating teen anxiety, depression and suicide. Free 30-minute consultations.

Fine Until Kindergarten: a Parent’s First Guide to Learning Differences
The only book that gives first-time parents of K-4 children with learning differences a clear view of what’s going on and how they can help their child.  Views of the school system, what makes success, brain maturity and how diagnoses work. A compact overview to RTI/504/IEP that helps parents understand and act. A full-view guidebook for parents working to help their LD children succeed.

GOALS (Goal Oriented Academics and Learning Sciences)
Let GOALS craft a unique academic tutoring program for your unique student! GOALS specializes in working with middle school, high school and college students who have learning and attention challenges. We know that everyone learns differently and we approach each student with their unique learning style in mind.

LearnUp Centers
LearnUp is a reading program that teaches emerging and/or struggling readers to read to grade level and beyond. Our complete literacy program is rooted in exciting, aligned reading books and addresses all the components (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency) recommended by the National Reading Panel and neuro-diversity research.  Come learn more!

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
Lindamood-Bell helps children and adults improve language processing–the foundation of all communication and learning. For 30 years, our intensive, one-to-one, process-based instruction has been used to strengthen the sensory-cognitive functions needed for reading and comprehension. Our instruction is based on the individual’s learning needs and has been proven successful for individuals with learning challenges.

Mindful Test Taking
We help students overcome testing & academic stress through practicing mindfulness techniques. Exercises include meditation, progressive relaxation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). We offer mindfulness coaching in person in SF, Oakland, Berkeley and work via videoconference nationwide. Around 90% of our students feel calmer during tests and 75+% earn higher scores.

PTS Coaching: ADHD/ Executive Function Education and Support
PTS Coaching, founded by Cindy Goldrich, offers ADHD/Executive Function support for Parents, Students and Educators to create calm, more compliant environments and productive students.  Cindy is author of 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD and creator of the Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD workshop series. www.PTScoaching.com

SF Bay Play Therapy
SF Bay Play Therapy is the private child and family therapy practice of Karen Wolfe, Marriage and Family Therapist. We provide individual and family play therapy for children ages 4-12, Parenting by Connection groups, and Social Skills Summer Camps and weekly groups in San Francisco and the East Bay.

Sparking Your Genius
Sparking Your Genius provides intensive individualized training in reading, writing, math, and mindfulness for kids with learning and attention challenges entering 5th through 10th grades. With student-to-instructor ratios of 3:1 and enrollment capped at six, our two-week summer clinics ensure that being different makes no difference!

Tutor Corps
Tutor Corps’ mission is to empower students with the tools and confidence to succeed academically, to encourage self-advocacy, and to inspire a love of learning. Our tutors work one-on-one with students in all grade levels. We combine customized content, personalized learning strategies, and compassionate mentorship.

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