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2016 Exhibit Area

exhibit_tableThe Exhibit Level at EdRev 2016 will be open 9 am to 3 pm. In addition to over 100 companies, schools and organizations exhibiting, there will be:

  • The ever-expanding Technology Section!
  • Student Art Gallery, displaying all works submitted to the Art Contest
  • A range of relevant books for sale by Books Inc.

Exhibitor registration has now closed. Please contact us at pen@parentseducationnetwork.org about late registrations.

EdRev 2016 Exhibitors

Community Corner
Creativity Unleashed!

Discovery Beyond School
School & Career Fair
Technology for Learning

Testing & Solution Center

Community Corner

Association of Educational Therapists
The Association of Educational Therapists is the national professional association for educational therapists. AET defines and sets standards for the professional practice of educational therapy. Educational therapists provide a broad range of individualized educational interventions for children and adults with learning disabilities and other learning challenges.

Decoding Dyslexia CA
Decoding Dyslexia CA is a grassroots movement driven by families, educators and dyslexia experts concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for dyslexia. We raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support children, and inform policymakers on best practices to identify, remediate, and support students with dyslexia in public schools.

Family Resource Center at Gatepath
The Family Resource Center at Gatepath provides support and resources to families of special needs children and the professionals that serve them.  Our services include parent support groups, parent mentors, warm line support, IEP training and support, bilingual Spanish support and parent workshops.  All our services are FREE!

Gatepath has been “Turning Disabilities Into Possibilities” for 95 years with a comprehensive service portfolio spanning all ages from early intervention for infants to job training for adults and seniors. All programs are designed to prepare individuals with special needs to actively participate in their schools, community, workplaces and at home.

Hamilton Relay
Hamilton provides Telecommunications Relay Service throughout the state under contract with the California Public Utilities Commission. California Relay service is available 24/7 at no cost and allows individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have difficulty speaking to make and receive phone calls.

Northern California Branch of The International Dyslexia Association
NCBIDA’s goals are simple: to increase awareness of dyslexia, disseminate information about dyslexia, and encourage the use of research-based programs for teaching students with dyslexia. We offer workshops, a hands-on simulation called Experience Dyslexia®, teacher training resources to increase awareness, and support for those affected by this learning difference.

San Francisco Public Library
San Francisco Public Library supports learning differences by providing resources, support, and programs for adults, teens, and children with dyslexia, attention disorders, processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and other learning differences- and also their families, friends and professionals.


Free Access to Understood Experts
In this exhibit, you’ll have the opportunity to speak virtually, one-on-one, with an Understood expert. These specialists can answer your questions—big or small—about supporting children who learn differently. Understood.org is a free comprehensive resource created by 15 nonprofits to empower parents of the 1 in 5.

Through Your Child’s Eyes
Have you ever wished you could understand what your child with learning and attention issues may be experiencing? In this exhibit, led by Understood.org, you’ll play a simulation to see how it feels and then learn about activities you can do at home with your child. Understood.org is a free comprehensive resource created by 15 nonprofits to empower parents of the 1 in 5.

Creativity Unleashed!

Create Mix & Mingle
Art Studio in San Mateo offering Kids classes, birthday parties and camps, adult paint and sip nights, private parties, corporate events, teambuilding and fundraising.

Mind My Education
If learning is a journey, where is the MAP? Introducing Mind My Education’s #CoreAtlas Map + Guidebook “Trilogy” for Grades 3-4-5. Students say, “I liked ALL the illustrations” & “I learned all of the goals I made for myself”. Tell us what you think at #EdRev! sara@mindmyeducation.com (415) 992.1550

Picture Words by Marie’s Words
Marie’s Words is a fun and effective vocabulary learning tool and word game that uses visual memory; it puts a “face” to each word, so memorization becomes a relation of words, ideas, pictures, and meanings instead of monotonous text. Improve language skills today with Marie’s Words and command the English language!

Discovery Beyond School

Aspen Network
Aspen Network offers four integrated, year-round programs for teens and young adults with social concerns, anxiety disorders and social differences, including spectrum behaviors. These one-of-a-kind programs, both residential and nonresidential, allow young people to learn and grow in a welcoming environment with peers and a sensitively trained staff that includes neurotypical young adults.

Camp Kodiak
Camp Kodiak offers an integrated, non-competitive camp serving children and teens with ADHD, LD and high-functioning ASD. Social skills program, academic tutoring, 50+ sports and activities. Small cabin groups, 2-to-1 ratio, professional staff.  Comfortable lakefront cabins with electricity and full bathrooms including shower. Transportation to/from airport in Toronto.

Eye to Eye
We are the only national mentoring movement that pairs kids who have learning disabilities (LD) and ADHD with college and high school mentors who have been similarly labeled. Using our arts-based curriculum, mentors help their mentees understand their unique way of learning and thinking, building self-esteem and skills they need to become self-advocates.

Institute for Educational Advancement
Institute for Education Advancement is a non-profit organization dedicated to the intellectual, creative, and personal growth in our nation’s gifted and high potential youth. Central to the mission of IEA is a commitment to the development of the whole child through engaging learning experiences that promote optimal challenge, mentorship, exploration of ideas, and recognition of personal potential.

Moving Forward Towards Independence
Residential Independent Living Program for young adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Provides an opportunity to live and work at your highest potential through step development beginning with group home setting and moving to more independence in adjacent apartments to independent living in the community of Napa.

New Directions for Young Adults California, Inc
New Directions for Young Adults is a transitional living program that helps young adults with high functioning disabilities learn the skills needed to live independently. Our clients live in private apartments and receive support with therapy, life management skills, financial management, academic counseling, social skills training, and more.

Quest Therapeutic Camp
Evidence-based therapeutic day camp for kids 5-19 with mild to moderate emotional and social problems. Individualized treatment goals, daily group therapy and a behavioral milieu combined with fun day camp activities. Research reported improved social reasoning, interaction, behavioral control, self esteem and lower parent concerns.

Roadtrip Nation
Roadtrip Nation creates innovative career exploration resources that help young people align their interests with potential careers. Through popular books, a documentary TV series, and a project-based educational curriculum, Roadtrip Nation empowers students to explore their passions, interview local professionals, and ultimately, build meaningful lives around what they love.

You are invited to join us on Saturday evening April 16th after EdRev for an exclusive screening of Roadtrip Nation’s documentary Being You. This will take place in the Delancey Screening Room close to the ballpark. RSVP here.

SOAR is an accredited ADHD Summer Camp, Boarding School, and GAP Year Program. We serve youth and young adults with learning disabilities (LD) and ADD / ADHD in North Carolina, Wyoming, California, Florida, and internationally! Our adventure based programs provide academic instruction, experiential education, and life skills development for youth and young adults ages 8-25.

Sparking Your Genius
Sparking Your Genius provides intensive individualized training in reading, writing, math, and oral language for kids with learning and attention challenges entering 5th through 12th grades. Student-to-instructor ratios of 3:1 and enrollment capped at six ensure our two-week summer clinics care for your kids!

Via Services
Via Services is a private, independent non-profit dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and special needs achieve greater self-sufficiency and lead richer lives. We have 3 programs within our organization: First Step, Via West and Altitude.

School Fair

At Bound4College™ we are experts in working with students with learning differences and we honor the unique qualities they bring to their post-secondary and/or college communities. We identify which schools or programs will fit students’ needs and we empower them as we help them through the entire application process.

Charles Armstrong School
Charles Armstrong School serves high potential students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, empowering them to thrive as learners in school and life. Our faculty, staff, board and community are dedicated to our mission and the values of Charles Armstrong School.

Chartwell School
Chartwell educates students with dyslexia and ADHD. Lower, middle and high school students are taught from our research-based curriculum and are provided with the academic skills, confidence and creativity needed to be successful. For our high school students, the college prep program is delivered through project-based learning and field experiences.

College Living Experience
College Living Experience (CLE) provides individualized services to young adults with learning differences and varying disabilities in the areas of academics, independent living, social skills and career development.

Compass High School
Compass High School provides a multifaceted educational program for students with learning differences. Our supportive, individualized approach not only includes a college preparatory program, but also offers students and their families integrated services and support. We help students develop their full academic potential, critical learning strategies, social competence and self-advocacy.

Eagle Hill School
Eagle Hill School educates students identified with learning (dis)abilities by providing an intimate and encouraging community that honors the individual, values learning diversity, and fosters personal and social growth.

Forman School
The Forman School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school for boarding and day students with identified learning differences. Based on his or her unique learning profile, Forman develops the whole student so that every student becomes an educated, confident, self-advocate throughout life.

Fusion Academy
Fusion is much more than an accredited private middle and high school for grades 6-12 – it’s a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock the academic potential in every student and create opportunities for emotional and social growth.

The Gow School
The Gow School is the country’s oldest school for students diagnosed with dyslexia.  Located in South Wales, NY, the school offers coed boarding for students in grades 7-12.

Holden High School
Holden addresses the academic, creative, community, and social-emotional needs of teenagers in a respectful, accepting, and effective learning environment.  Our small school serves students in grades 9 through 12, with a student-teacher ratio of 5:1 or smaller.  Students come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and reflect its diversity.

Landmark College
Landmark College was the first institution of higher learning to pioneer college-level studies for students with dyslexia. Today, Landmark offers two- and four-year degree programs for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD, as well as summer programs for high school and college students who learn differently.

Landmark School
Landmark is a coeducational school offering a full range of personalized programs for students with language-based learning disabilities in grades 2-12, including a residential program for grades 9-12. Summer programs, robust athletics, visual and performing arts, and much more offer students a rewarding school experience just 30 miles from Boston.

The Laurel School
The Laurel School educates exceptional children who are gifted or children with mild to moderate learning differences. Celebrating 50 years, The Laurel School strives to meet the individual learning needs of each student by using research based teaching, programs and curricula.

The Marin School
Our educational approach and content inspires and engages students and faculty alike. We are a truly unique place with exceptional teachers, classes with no “back row,” and students who are encouraged to be independent thinkers and pursue their passions.

Mid-Peninsula High School
In our close-knit and collaborative community, our extraordinary teachers inspire academic confidence by empowering diverse learners to reach their individual potential. After four years at Mid-Peninsula High School, our graduates are prepared for smooth and successful transitions into colleges, careers, and communities.

My City School
My City School provides an exceptional environment for middle school children with mild to moderate LD. High expectations are balanced with deep support for kinesthetic and multisensory learning styles and social-emotional wellness. We deliver an experiential, individualized curriculum in small group settings using customized learning techniques, yielding significant growth.

North Bridge Academy
North Bridge Academy, a small independent school in Marin for high functioning students (grades 2-6) with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. Students are taught in a small class setting by expert teachers who use research-based multi-sensory instruction. We offer a supportive environment in which students re-engage with learning and develop self-confidence.

Orinda Academy
With a student-to-teacher ratio of 9:1 in grades 8 – 12, our school provides an environment where students can learn and grow into well-rounded young adults who are prepared to make their way in the world. It is our mission to provide a college preparatory education to empower each student to reach his or her full potential.

Purnell School
Purnell is a girls’ college preparatory boarding and day school where girls with learning differences can flourish. The school serves girls from grade 9 through 12 and also offers a one year post graduate program. Purnell is one hour from NYC and two hours from Philadelphia.

Raskob Learning Institute & Day School
Raskob Learning Institute and Day School has served the Bay Area LD Community for over 60 years! Raskob is a comprehensive program that offers a full Day School serving students with learning differences in grades 2nd-8th, a Clinic that provides Educational Therapy, and a Diagnostic Program that offers neuropsychological assessments.

SALT Center
The SALT Center, at the University of Arizona, is a nationally recognized model of comprehensive, enhanced academic support services for students who learn differently. Today, nearly 550 college students with LD, AD/HD, and a range of other learning challenges utilize SALT Center services to help them earn a college degree.

Sand Hill School
At Sand Hill School, kids experience the Sand Hill Edge – our special approach to teaching bright, creative kids with LD and dyslexia.  Extraordinary LD-trained teachers use evidence-based curriculum that includes Executive Functioning and Social Emotional skills to help kids learn to love school again.

Southern Oregon University UCAM Program (Coaching & Academic Mentoring)
U-CAM is a comprehensive fee-for-services support program.  Designed for university students with executive function challenges, ADHD, ASD and other learning disabilities, U-CAM promotes self-advocacy, autonomy and academic achievement.  Professional coaches, writing support, skill development opportunities and an orientation session are provided to help students reach their academic goals.

Stanbridge Academy
Stanbridge Academy is a caring, inclusive K-12 school for students with mild to moderate learning differences and social communication disorders.  We use an individualized, whole student approach so that students thrive and develop their academic, social, and emotional capabilities to their fullest potential.

Star Academy
Star Academy provides a comprehensive, individualized education program for students with learning differences in grades 1-12. We help students experience academic success on a daily basis.

Sterne School
Sterne School is the premier Bay Area School inspiring students who learn differently and students who benefit from a small, personalized learning environment. Sterne fosters rigorous academic achievement through high-support from specially trained faculty. The Sterne School curriculum is a strengths-based model promoting intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving.

Summit View School
Summit View School offers a college preparatory program to students with learning differences who possess average to above average intellectual capabilities.  A commitment to maximizing each student’s potential forms the foundation of the school’s educational program.  Summit View, located on two state-of-the campuses in the Los Angeles area is full accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Wayfinders at Fresno State
Wayfinders at Fresno is an inclusive postsecondary education and residential program for students with intellectual disabilities. Students learn the skills to live independently, take classes at Fresno State, gain vocational experience by working 8 hours a week and socially interact on campus and in the community.

Technology for Learning

Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic
Brain Training, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, and Cogmed. We provide neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments.  Cutting edge technology used to help individuals realize their potential.  Stronger executive functioning, learning, memory, and attention. Children learn how to help themselves get better, make their brains stronger, faster, and more resilient.

Ability Tools
Ability Tools is California’s Assistive Technology Act Program. We provide a variety of services for Californians with disabilities of all ages, including Device Lending Libraries,  Information & Referral, in-person and webinar trainings, technical assistance to organizations on AT issues and more!

Bookshare, the world’s largest online accessible library of copyrighted content for people with print disabilities, provides over 375,000 titles to over 350,000 members around the world. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, Bookshare is free for qualified U.S. Students.

Center for Accessible Technology
The Center for Accessible Technology provides information, demonstration, consultation, training, and assessment for Assistive Technology. We are located in the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley. Call to schedule a free 30 minute appointment.

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media helps families make smart media choices, offering independent age-based and educational ratings and reviews for everything kids want to watch, play, read and learn. Our resources for kids with learning differences teach how to configure devices, boost social skills, and determine the best digital media for families.

CoreReboot LLC
Are you experiencing anxiety? Are you feeling un-grounded, nervous, overwhelmed, foggy headed or maybe frustrated often? We are here to help with a unique set of tools to reboot. We are pioneers in the Digital Healing and Mindfulness space helping you overcome the challenges of anxiety and long term stress.

Innovative Learning Services
Innovative Learning Services provides educational consulting services to Bay Area students, families and schools.  As Principal, Dan Leibowitz combines 20 years of experience in K-12 schools with expertise in learning disabilities, ADHD, executive function and assistive technologies.  He delivers exceptional individualized services to students and parents and engaging presentations to schools.

Let’s Go Learn Inc
Online Adaptive, Diagnostic, Reading Assessment, Math Assessment, & Supplemental Instruction. Let’s Go Learn provides innovative online tools to drive long-term, measurable academic success using a central hub of efficient, research-based diagnostic assessment, differentiated instruction, program placement, and historic data storage.

Microsoft in Education
Our mission is to empower every student on the planet to achieve more. And now, we’re making it easier to read and write with Learning Tools for OneNote—a free Add-in for OneNote that improves reading and writing skills for all students including students with learning differences or a combination of any of a broad range of unique learning abilities with features like Dictation, Focus Mode and Immersive Reader. Check out all the features and learn more at OneNote.com/LearningTools

ModMath is a free app for students with dysgraphia. It allows the user to complete basic math and complex algebraic equations all without every picking up a pencil.

Students and teachers use Notability daily to take notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, mark-up photos, record lectures, provide audio feedback and more. Notability is uniquely designed to be powerful, yet wonderfully simple as it empowers students to capture information in a way that best suites their needs.

TacScreen Inc. – Multi-Sensory Learning Screen
THINK DIFFERENT – Proven Multi-Sensory iPad Learning Screen, vital for kids with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, autism, or limited cognitive functionality. “I think that every child who uses a tablet for learning whether they have a learning disability or not, needs this screen.” Vivian Morgan, Special Education Professional

Technology to Unlock Potential – Shelley Haven, ATP, RET
TechPotential serves families, educators, and schools throughout the Bay Area with a focus on technology for learning differences, ADHD, and executive functioning. Certified AT Professional Shelley Haven specializes in matching students with appropriate technology, and provides training and technical assistance on tools for reading, writing, math, notetaking, organization, planning, and attention.

Testing & Solution Center

Active Reading Center
Recommended by pediatricians for decades, Active Reading Center’s (ARC) unique Reading Revolution methodology has been a highly respected resource for struggling readers of all ages. Located in Walnut Creek, CA, ARC’s proprietary methodology engages every learning style through multi-sensory activities, has helped thousands of students affected by Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Auditory Processing issues and more.

Arrowsmith Program – Academy of Cognitive Learning, Inc
The Arrowsmith Program is based on neuroscience research demonstrating that it is possible to address learning disabilities by identifying and strengthening the weak cognitive areas of the brain. This program deals with the root causes rather than managing its symptoms with compensatory strategies. Students’ ability to perform complex tasks is improved when the weak cognitive areas are strengthened. Again, students become effective learners without having to compensate for their learning disabilities.

Arrowsmith Program at ALLS, Inc.
This uniquely tailored cognitive program helps students to either significantly reduce or eliminate learning disabilities. The program was founded on the principles of neuroplasticity, allowing the student to develop and strengthen weakened cognitive capacities that underlie learning disabilities.

Bonnie Terry Learning
For students with dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, and on the autism spectrum, we offer: Custom designed books, games, and guides and online Educational Therapy Programs that parents and teachers can use to improve reading fluency and comprehension, writing, spelling/phonics, math, test taking, and study skills, plus Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Therapy.

The Center at Children’s Health Council
The Center at Children’s Health Council supports kids and teens confronting ADHD, Learning Differences, Anxiety & Depression and Autism. We provide expert team evaluations, personalized therapy and innovative programs: Glen Elliott ADHD Program, Anxious & Depressed Teens Initiative, Early Support Program for Autism. Free 30-minute parent consultations with CHC experts.

Developmental Learning Solutions, Inc.
DLS helps learners become flexible and be successful in their academic pursuits: reading, writing, math, study skills, academic planning, decreased schoolwork stress. Learner-focused developmental educational and psychological assessments provide complete views and support plans. Educational therapy, tutoring, directed study, and training in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent’s First Guide to Learning Differences book
“Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent’s Guide to Learning Differences” was written to save parents years of trial-and-error! It contains an overview of the world of learning differences, the educational system & the IEP/504 process; and includes advice on protecting your child, finding resources, parenting positively, & advocating for success.

The Learning Pyramid
We offer one to one tutoring as well as consultations on remediation and Learning Difference. We also conduct music and language workshops and train teachers to use Multisensory Structured Language Programs,some of which have been developed at the Learning Pyramid.

LearnUp Centers
LearnUp teaches struggling readers, with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia, to read at grade level and beyond. More effectively and efficiently—in about half the time—than most other major reading programs.  Steve Tattum, reading expert and founder of our program, will be offering FREE reading assessments at our booth.

Literacy and Language Center, Inc.
The Literacy and Language Center, Inc. offers highly personalized multisensory research-based programs in a supportive one-to-one setting to improve reading, spelling, writing, verbal expression, comprehension, critical thinking skills and vocabulary.  These programs are appropriate for ages 5-adult and are an excellent approach for all learning styles and abilities.

Palo Alto Neurofeedback
We provide innovative EEG brain mapping and neurofeedback treatment. Through auditory and visual feedback, individualized treatment protocols help the brain to function more efficiently. Our goal is to relieve your symptoms and maximize your social, emotional and academic potential through brain training, without the use of medications.

Spark Focus
Vanessa Fasoli, BS, AAC draws upon her personal ADD experience and professional training in executive function skill building, psychology, and youth mindfulness to fulfill her passion as an Executive Function Family Coach. Spark Focus provides clients with effective tools and strategies to counter the over-stimulating, fast-paced world each of us faces in our daily lives.

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