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Education Revolution 2015

Stand Up, Speak Out

Details for EdRev 2015 coming soon!

2014 Exhibit Area

The Exhibit Levels at EdRev 2014 will be open 9 am to 3 pm. In addition to over 100 companies, schools and organizations exhibiting, there will be:

  • The amazing, ever-expanding Technology Section!
  • Student Art Gallery, displaying all works submitted to the Art Contest
  • A range of relevant books for sale by Books Inc.

Vendors! Register for an exhibit space: Technology Level | All Other Vendors

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Testing & Solution Center

Arrowsmith Cognitive Program at ALLS Inc.
The Arrowsmith Program, considered “Physical Therapy for the Brain”, is a cognitive remediation program that has provided support for thousands of individuals with learning disabilities for over 30 years. Provided at ALLS Inc, it is the most comprehensive program we have found to identify and strengthen weak cognitive capacities.

The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying
The most boring and misused word in schools today? “Study.” Teachers assign it. Parents nag about it. Teens try to stay awake through it. But no one really explains how to do it! Come check out this playful approach to strengthening students’ study muscles… just in time for finals.

Bonnie Terry Learning
Learning Tools address the underlying root causes of learning problems and dyslexia. Brain-based books, games, and guides. Improve core skills: reading, writing, spelling, study skills, and math. Awaken the Scholar Within (ASW) Video Programs where Bonnie teaches you step-by-step how to improve the core skills: reading, writing, spelling, and math.

The Brilliant Dyslexic
At The Brilliant Dyslexic, we believe people with Dyslexia are extraordinarily bright, and finding the unique gifts and talents of each student is a big part of the success picture. We offer teacher training (with CEU’s), parent telecourse groups, and student tutoring online! We think people with Dyslexia are brilliant!

Buckley Education Group, Inc.
Buckley Education is an educational support organization meeting the unique educational needs of all students. We guide students of all abilities with their K-12, College, Gap Year and Transfer Planning, Test Preparation. We are also a certified SSAT Flex Test Center.
Stop by our booth to say, “Hi”.

CATES Tutoring & Educational Services
CATES Tutoring & Educational Services is a full-service tutoring & test prep company. Our world-class experts create customized programs to meet the individual needs of our students and successfully support LD students in the areas of SAT, SAT II, and ACT. Please contact us at 415-545-8508 and visit us at www.catestutoring.com/sanfrancisco

The Center at Children’s Health Council
The Center at CHC provides consultations, personalized evaluations and therapy options for kids and teens with ADHD, LD, Anxiety & Depression and Autism. Services highlight strengths and emphasize a true appreciation for individual differences. We empower children to uncover their potential and become happier and more resilient. Evaluation. Therapy. Learning.

Experience the Magic of Learning
A former teacher at the Charles Armstrong school, Victoria Moos, was trained in Slingerland, Making Math Real, and other programs. Her holistic approach includes multi-sensory teaching combined with sensory integration and brain balance work. She’s experience with one-to-one, small group, home schooling, and group trainings.

The Hallowell Center San Francisco
Dr. Edward Hallowell, renowned expert on ADHD, opened the newest branch of The Hallowell in San Francisco. The clinic brings his innovative and strength-based approach to the Bay Area. We accept child, adolescent, and adult patients and offer a broad spectrum of services.

Jodi Magen ADHD Life Caoch
As an ADHD coach I specialize in working with adults, parents and teenagers with ADHD and Executive functioning difficulties. I provide feedback, support and strategies to make positive changes that will help solve the problems of disorganization, trouble starting and finishing projects, forgetting homework, being on time and controlling emotions.

Learning Ally
Learning Ally is a national non-profit working with thousands of schools and parents across the U.S. to help students grow and thrive. Our collection of more than 80,000 human-read audiobooks and parent support services help pave the way to student success.

Lindamood Bell Learning Processes
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes is an organization dedicated to helping children and adults learn to their potential. Our research-validated instruction teaches reading, comprehension, and math, and is successful for those previously diagnosed with dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADHD, CAPD, and autism spectrum disorders.

Literacy and Language Center
The Literacy and Language Center offers highly personalized multi-sensory programs in a one-to-one setting to improve reading, spelling, writing, verbal expression, reading and listening comprehension, critical thinking skills and vocabulary. These programs are appropriate for ages 5 to adult and are an excellent approach for all learning styles and abilities.

Megan Rainey, Reading and Writing Consulting
At Megan Rainey, Reading and Writing Consulting, we offer support to parents, teachers, administrators, and students (both dyslexic and non-dyslexic). We offer dyslexia screening, tutoring, educational presentations, workbooks, workshops, in-service training, and education/advocacy. Stop by our booth for handouts, workbooks, and cool tye-dye t-shirts (and good conversation)!

National Autism Resources
We provide over 1,400 products for those on the autism spectrum including curriculum, teaching aids, therapy tools, social skills and anger management tools.

Newport Academy
Newport Academy is a comprehensive, integrated treatment program for teens suffering from mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues. We offer two gender-specific residential facilities, a private high school and an outpatient center for continued care. If you or your child needs help, please call us at Newport Academy at 866.382.6651

Occupational Therapy Association of California
Occupational therapy practitioners work with children,youth, and their families to promote active participation in activities or occupations that are meaningful to them.

The Reading Clinic
The Reading Clinic specializes in remediating dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Our 1-to-1 tutoring is research-based, designed uniquely for each student, and proven by their success. We work with 4yo to adults with a wide range of abilities including ADHD, ASD, and twice exceptional on reading, comprehension, expression, writing and math.

SOS 4 Students
SOS provides 1:1 academic coaching, student advocacy, study space makeovers, college counseling and hands-on workshops to teens, parents and teachers. SOS has turned many underachieving, even failing, teenagers into confident, productive students. Offices in Walnut Creek and Oakland and on school campuses in the bay area.

TuLIPS Speech Therapy
TuLIPS Speech Therapy is a private practice located in the Marina neighborhood in SF. We specialize in muscle based and traditional speech, language and feeding therapies for all ages.

Tutor Corps
Tutor Corps works collaboratively with families, teachers, schools and consultants throughout the Bay Area to provide a range of educational services. One-on-One In-Home Tutoring; Homeschooling & Courses for Credit; Enrichment & Remedial Programs; Standardized Test Preparation; High School & College Applications.

School & Career Fair

Career Advisors

Larry Banks
Filmmaker and Professor; Chair of Media Arts Department, Long Island University

Joe Booth
Entrepreneur; Video Game Designer

James Bustamante
Firefighter, Retired; Criminal Defense Attorney

Pete Denman
Visual Designer; Designer, Intel Corporation,Intel Labs

Sona Dill
School Psychologist; Student/Intern

Ann Farris
Writer; Arts Producer & Manager

Nina Ghiselli, PsyD
Psychologist and College Professor/Systemwide Office of Accessibility

David Golden
Architect; Project Manager, Stanford Medicine

Mohammad Ali Hamoudi
Attorney and Adjunct Professor

Dan Herz
Director of Programming and Production for a Streaming TV Company; Owner of Dan Herz Productions, a television and video production company

Madalyne Marie Hymas
Artist & Graphic Designer; Avon Foundation

Tracy Johnson, M.Ed.
President, Founder of Vessels of Hope; Mentor & Advocate

Jefferson Mack
Metal Designer, Blacksmith, Product Designer for Restoration Hardware, Small Business Owner

Eric McGehearty
Entrepreneur and Artist; CEO, GlobeRunner.com, an SEO Consulting Company

Karma M. Quick-Panwala, J.D.
Special Education Advocate

John Rodrigues, M.Ed.
Speaker, Author, Education Specialist, Ice Sculptor; Author of High School Dropout to Harvard:  My Life with Dyslexia

Stu Shader
Sales; Productivity Specialist, High Tech Manufacturing, Microsoft Corporation

Theresa Soares
Student at Mills College, 12 Under 22 Youth Innovation

Jennie Stepanian
Criminal Defense Attorney

Dan Traun
Senior Account Manager | Meetings & Shows Production, BI WORLDWIDE

School Fair

Anova Center for Education
Anova is Northern California’s most trusted provider of education and services to children and families living with autism and learning differences. Anova is working on the front lines of autism treatment by pioneering and implementing effective new therapies for children and teens to achieve their full potential.

Arbor Bay School
For more than 10 years, Arbor Bay School has increased opportunities for children in K-8th grade with mild to moderate learning differences to achieve academic and social success. We achieve this through highly individualized and specialized instruction, combined with speech and occupational therapy in a small classroom environment.

Athena Academy
Athena Academy, 1st-8th grade, in Palo Alto, teaches dyslexic and gifted-dyslexic students using the most powerful methods supported by the latest brain research. We offer Visual-Spatial teaching methods that capitalize on dyslexic strengths, Project-based learning, targeted instruction in reading, languages arts, and math, and true intellectual challenge.

Bayhill High School
The mission of Bayhill High School is to educate students with learning differences, focusing on their individual learning needs, to maximize their inherent abilities and potential.

Baywood Learning Center
Baywood Learning Center, serving the special education and emotional needs of gifted learners since 2007. Program features individually customized curriculum and Hybrid-Home-school options.

Chartwell School & The New High School Project
Established in 1983, Chartwell is an independent co-ed day school on the Central Coast for students (7-19 years) diagnosed with LD. The lower and middle school program (grades 2-8) builds academic skills and the college-prep high school program (grades 9-12) utilizes project-based learning. Both programs are fully accredited by WASC.

Charles Armstrong School
Charles Armstrong School serves high potential students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, empowering them to thrive as learners in school and life.

College Internship Program
The College Internship Program (CIP) provides comprehensive, individualized academic internship and independent living experiences for young adults, ages 18-26, diagnosed with learning differences, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, nonverbal learning differences, ADHD, and dyslexia. The program has six sites: Lee, MA; Melbourne, FL; Bloomington, IN; Berkeley, CA; Amherst, NY; and Long Beach, CA.

Compass High School
Compass High School is a private high school for students with learning differences and high-functioning autism in Redwood City. Program features include college preparatory courses, our unique Essential Skills Program providing intensive individualized remediation, classrooms rich in accommodations and multisensory instruction, and a small, safe school culture.

Curry College
Curry College, Milton, MA, is a liberal arts college located 7 miles south of Boston set on 135 wooded acres in the Blue Hills. Curry is renowned for its Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL)which is a comprehensive support program for college students with language based learning differences.

Eagle Hill School
Eagle Hill School is a co-educational college preparatory boarding school that provides an individualized education for students identified with language based learning (dis)abilities including Dyslexia and Dysgraphia and ADD (inattentive type).

Eagle Hill School-Southport
Eagle Hill-Southport is a school designed for bright, capable students experiencing academic difficulties because of a specific learning disability. The school offers these children a chance to develop a foundation of academic competence, enhance their self-esteem, and interact successfully with their peers.

Campanile College Counseling
Campanile College Counseling provides comprehensive school and college counseling services to students of all abilities. Dr. Stone is the author of the forthcoming book, “The Better College Essay: Standing Out and Fitting in.” We also offer customized itineraries for families visiting colleges.

EvoLibri Consulting
For eight years, EvoLibri has provided services to neurodiverse tweens, teens, young adults and adults throughout the Bay Area. Services include career counseling and transition planning, college readiness, independent living and communications skills training, job development and coaching, as well as therapy, coaching and social/support groups.

Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Fusion Academy is a non-traditional private school for grades 6-12 with completely customized one-to-one classrooms. Here, the educational experience is completely customized around each student. Classes are self-paced, and the material is presented in a way that considers each student’s interests, strengths, and learning style.

The Gow School
A college-prep boys’ boarding and coed day school for students, grades 7-12, with dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities. A 5-week Summer Program for students age 8-16 who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, a similar language based learning disability or ADHD.

Holden High School
Holden High School is a WASC accredited East Bay Area private non-profit high school committed to providing a unique and alternative approach to education. Holden addresses the academic, creative, community, and social-emotional needs of teenagers in a respectful, accepting, and effective learning environment.

Jones Learning Center, University of the Ozarks
The Jones Learning Center is a fee based program for students with learning disabilities/ADHD. We provide professional and peer tutors, readers, scribes, various developmental courses, test accommodations, classroom notes, audiobooks, and professionally trained staff who work one-on-one with students on a daily basis to support student’s academic goals.

The Kildonan School/Camp Dunnabeck
Kildonan School is a coeducational day/boarding school for students with dyslexia and/or language-based learning differences (2-PG). Kildonan empowers students by increasing their self-esteem and motivation. Camp Dunnabeck is the oldest established summer camp, 8 -16 yrs. old. Kildonan students and Dunnabeck campers receive daily one to one Orton Gillingham Tutoring.

Landmark College
Landmark College, a global leader of integrated teaching methods for students with learning disabilities (like dyslexia), ADHD, and ASD, offers two and four-year degree options and summer programs for high school and visiting college students. Landmark’s curriculum is designed to help students become confident, self-empowered, and successful learners.

Landmark School
Landmark is a coeducational, boarding and day school offering academic and summer programs for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities in grades 2-12. The hallmark of the Landmark approach is our daily one-to-one tutorial, small classes, and individualized curriculum. 93% of our graduates attend college.

Landmark School
The Laurel School serves students with learning differences and students who benefit from a small class size. In a community that nurtures mutual respect and compassion. We cultivate the academic potential of each child through multimodal, differentiated instruction, by teaching learning strategies, self advocacy skills, and social competence.

The Marin School
The Marin School is a fully-accredited, independent, college preparatory high school offering a dynamic, thought-provoking curriculum that propels its graduates to colleges and universities around the US. What is unique and different about The Marin School is its personalized approach.

Mid-Peninsula High School
Mid-Peninsula High School offers flexible, individually focused programs in a safe environment where creative, unconventional thinkers can discover and realize their full potential.

My City School
My City School is a learning environment for middle school children with mild to moderate learning disabilities. The program delivers individualized curriculum teaching to the capacity of each child. My City School allows the child to find their place in the world by sparking their interests, supports individualized learning modalities, while incorporating social and emotional support.

New Vistas Christian School
Our school provides a learning environment for Special Education and Learning Different Students. We also offer a Personalized Learning Program for students who attend classes twice a week. A variety of enrichment classes using a multi-sensory approach are available.

Notre Dame Belmont – Empowered for Success
The Empowered for Success program (EFS) at Notre Dame Belmont provides academic support for students with a diagnosed disability (medical or learning). We inspire our EFS ladies to embrace their learning difference, challenge themselves academically (Honors and AP), and become our school leaders, star athletes, and noted performers.

Oak Hill School
Oak Hill serves students aged 5-22 with autism and other developmentally based learning challenges. Each student is grouped in one of seven developmentally based classrooms with consideration given to individual program needs within the social group. Psychological, Speech and Occupational Therapies are delivered within the school day, augmenting the program of credentialed teachers.

Orinda Academy
Our mission is to provide a college preparatory education to empower each student to reach his or her full potential as a successful, confident, self-reliant individual, including those smart, creative students with learning differences.

Orion Academy
Orion Academy is a college-prep high school for students whose academic success is compromised by a neurocognitive disability such as Asperger’s syndrome, or Non-verbal Learning Disorder. Orion Academy’s curriculum and programs equally emphasize academics, social competency and independent living.

The Oxford Academy
Oxford Academy provides young men with a successful educational experience through one-to-one instruction, a structured boarding environment and a close, caring community of teachers and peers. Oxford seeks to help students develop both the academic and social skills necessary for future success as world citizens.

Palo Alto Prep School
Changing Lives… Redefining Education. Palo Alto Preparatory High School is a truly unique and small private school environment with a college preparatory program. We successfully combine structure and flexibility while we maintain an focus on academic and social success.

The Phillips Academy (A Children’s Learning Center School)
Changing Lives… Redefining Education. Palo Alto Preparatory High School is a truly unique and small private school environment with a college preparatory program. We successfully combine structure and flexibility while we maintain an focus on academic and social success.

Raskob Learning Institute & Day School
Raskob Learning Institute and Day School, located in Oakland, was established in 1953, to serve bright students with language-based learning disabilities, grades 2-8. The Institute, open to Raskob students and the community, offers 1:1 educational therapy and diagnostic assessments, as well as a summer program.

RSP at Archbishop Riordan High School
The RSP at Riordan High School provides comprehensive and variable support for students with diagnosed LD’s and ADHD in a college prep environment. We provide the scaffolding necessary for all learners to succeed, while also emphasizing self-determination and advocacy, so that students are prepared for life after high school.

Sand Hill School
Provides a joyful and personalized learning environment for young, bright children with learning, attention and social challenges. Grades K-6, expanding to K-8. We revitalize students’ confidence and love of learning by helping them acquire the skills and resiliency they need to thrive at home, at school and in life.

SALT Center
The SALT Center is a nationally recognized model of comprehensive enhanced services for students with learning and attention differences. Today, more than 550 students with learning differences (LD), Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and a range of other learning and attention differences apply to the SALT Center to fulfill their dream of earning a college degree.

Skyline College – Disability Resource Center
Skyline College inspires a global and diverse community of learners to achieve intellectual, cultural, social, economic and personal fulfillment. Skyline’s Disability Resource Center provides academic accommodations to ensure an accessible education for students. Services may include appointments with a learning specialist, counseling, assistive technology, and alternate media.

Stanbridge Academy
Stanbridge Academy, a K-12 WASC accredited school, enrolls children with mild to moderate learning differences, as well as those who struggle with communication and pragmatic language skills. Stanbridge students have a variety of diagnoses, which include dyslexia, language processing disabilities, ADHD, ASD, and other social challenges.

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics
Navigating elementary school is hard enough without a language disability. That’s where Stellar Academy comes in. We are educators helping students, suffering with symptoms of dyslexia, to unlock the door of language. Our expertise in teaching students strategies and nurturing their strengths increases classroom success using the Slingerland® Method.

Sterne School
Sterne is a specialized, independent, co-ed day school, dedicated exclusively to students with learning differences in Grades 4-12. We offer a strengths-based program, tailored to each student’s unique learning style, incorporating experiential learning, assistive technologies, and the arts, along with intra/interpersonal skill-building.

UCAM – Southern Oregon University
U-CAM is a comprehensive fee-for-services support program. Designed for university students with executive function challenges, ADD, and other learning disabilities, U-CAM promotes self-advocacy, autonomy, and academic achievement. Professional coaches, writing support, skill development opportunities and an orientation session are provided to help students reach their academic goals.

University of San Francisco
The University of San Francisco is a premier Jesuit university located in the heart of San Francisco. The University community is comprised of five schools (Arts & Sciences, Business, Nursing, Law and Education) that are driven by a dual emphasis of academic rigor and social justice.

Discovery Beyond School

Aspiring Youth
We provide innovative social skills groups, summer camps, coaching, and other services for students 8 and up. Many of our students have a diagnosis of Asperger’s, ADHD, learning disabilities, or similar traits. By creating trust, connection and an engaging community, we help our students as they navigate the social world.

Camp Altitude
Camp Altitude offers a two-week summer camp experience at Menlo College in Atherton, California, for children and teens who have social cognitive challenges. Our sleepaway camp is geared for campers entering 6th through 12th grade, and our day-camp program is for campers entering 3rd through 5th grade.

Camp Kodiak /Club Kodiak
CAMP KODIAK is a therapeutic, residential summer camp for children and teens with and without learning disabilities, AD/HD, NLD and Asperger Syndrome. We offer an academic program and a social skills program 50+ activities. CLUB KODIAK is our affiliate program for young adults with a focus on life skills.

College Living Experience
College Living Experience (CLE) provides individualized services to young adults with learning differences and varying disabilities in the areas of academics, independent living, social skills and career development.

Dandelion Magazine and goDandelion.com
Dandelion is the only free magazine for Bay Area families living with children that have special needs. Published quarterly Dandelion is full of resources, stories and articles. And the website: GoDandelion.com has a calendar of events, resources and a digital version of the magazine!

Environmental Traveling Companions
ETC makes the joy and challenge of outdoor adventures accessible to people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth, inspiring self-confidence, connection to nature, and stewardship of the environment. We offer accessible whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, cross-country skiing and youth leadership adventures on a sliding-scale scholarship basis.

Galileo | Innovation Camps for Kids
Founded in 2002, Galileo runs four summer programs at 40+ locations throughout the Bay Area: Camp Galileo, Galileo Summer Quest, The Tech Summer Camps, and Chabot Space and Science Camp. Our mission is to develop innovators who envision and create a better world, and we reach this mission through our unique pedagogy, the Galileo Innovation Approach.

Global Leadership Adventures
Service-learning adventures for High school students in Asia, Africa and Latin America. With programs during Spring Break and Summer months.

Kahlon Family Services
Kahlon Family Services offers individual or group yoga sessions for all children including those with special needs. KFS recognizes and appreciates each individual’s unique needs. Customized programs are created to fully engage each participant in our unique children’s yoga program.

Seize the Year
Gap Year Planning. Seize the Year is committed to working with families to ensure a meaningful and transformative experience for students who are graduating from high school and moving into the next chapter of their lives.

Sparking Your Genius Summer Programs
Sparking Your Genius provides intensive individualized training in reading, writing, math, oral language and executive function for kids with learning and attention challenges entering 5th through 11th grades.
With student-to-instructor ratios of 3:1 and enrollment capped at six, our two-week summer clinics ensure that being different makes no difference!

Creativity Unleashed!

Bairds Blocks/Out of the Box
Hands-on educational toy. Blocks for addition and subtraction and fun.

Dislecksia: The Movie
A powerfully touching and entertaining documentary, by Harvey Hubbell V, that mixes humor and perspective with insight and analysis, illuminating misconceptions surrounding dyslexia while underlining the need for stronger awareness, early identification and social change. Includes celebrities, educators, politicians, and the most current scientific research.

Innovative programming that transforms the experience of growing up dyslexic. D-ville leverages the power of visual storytelling through online programming-giving children struggling in school a virtual safe place, a community, and the self-advocacy skills needed to cement positive self-identity and set them on a path of promise in school and in life.

Eye to Eye
Eye to Eye is a national mentoring movement for different thinkers that maintains a network of art-based youth mentoring programs run by and for those with LD/ADHD. Elementary and middle school students – come experience an Eye to Eye art project at our Art Room Empowerment Session!

The Learning Pyramid
Make reading fun! Use drama and music to enhance reading comprehension. Pierre, a little brown dog, invites you to follow his adventures in three exciting cities. Act out the story with puppets and listen to musical themes,
and solve a mystery.

One Smart Kid
One Smart Kid, LLC provides one-on-one in-home tutoring and small group courses that support the unique learning styles of our students in a dynamic and encouraging environment. We are dedicated to helping students develop the necessary skills, motivation, and confidence to thrive in their education, and beyond. At our exhibit table, we will be offering a paper craft activity where students can make journals/books, flashcards, organizers, and bookmarks.

SF SPCA AAT Programs
The San Francisco SPCA offers the Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program (PDT) to support young learners in meeting their educational goals. PDT is one of our AAT Programs and is operated by that department.

SIKidSF is a support group for Bay Area parents of sensory kids. We are not experts, we are just parents trying to figure it all out and help our kids. Group members will be at EdRev to answer questions and we will have a fun sensory activity for kids.

Community Corner

AASK – Adopt a Special Kid
Come create your family with AASK! We’ve been placing children from the foster care system into loving, adoptive homes for over 40 years and have helped make the dream of having a forever family come true for over 3,500 kids. We also provide on-going support services such as trainings and workshops for families.

Adrienne Cane Ilang, MA, MFT
I am a Marriage and Family Therapist located in San Mateo and I offer support and psychotherapy for families that have a child with special needs. I work with families, children, teens, couples, and individuals. Additionally, I offer sibling groups and parent support groups.

Book Smart
Book Smart, written for parents is a how-to guide rich with stories, lessons, and activities aimed at ensuring that all children receive the type of support they need to become engaged, proficient readers. It addresses the academic, social, emotional, and motivational skills that can be fostered through shared reading.

Books, Inc.
Books, Inc. is a local independent bookstore with a strong parenting and children’s section. Books can be purchased and held for pick up until the close of the exhibit hall.

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
CFILC programs include the AT Network which connects Californians to assistive technology devices and services and YO! (Youth Organizing)Disabled & Proud, a leadership training program for youth with disabilities that connects, organizes and educates youth ages 15 – 28

California Pacific Medical Center
Providing Services in Speech Therapy, Educational Testing and Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy, Developmental Pediatrics, Psychoeducational Testing,Physical Therapy for Infants, Play Groups, and Feeding Therapy

Community Gatepath
Community Gatepath serves children and adults with developmental disabilities. The largest non-profit in our county, Community Gatepath offers programs and support to families and individuals throughout their life-span. Offering, Early Intervention, Inclusive Preschool’s, Ability Awareness, Family Resource Center, Autism Social Connections, Team Friendship, Employment Services, Leisure Services, abilitypath and much more!

Decoding Dyslexia – CA
Decoding Dyslexia California is a grassroots movement driven by CA families concerned with limited access to educational interventions for dyslexia within our public schools. We aim to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support children and inform policy-makers on best practices to identify, remediate and support students with dyslexia in CA public schools.

Disability Rights Advocates (DRA)
DRA is a non-profit legal center dedicated to securing the civil rights of people with disabilities. DRA seeks to remedy systemic problems through class action and other high-impact litigation in areas such as education, employment, emergency planning, healthcare, access to public and private facilities & services, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

Disability Rights California
Disability Rights California (DRC) is California’s largest disability rights advocacy agency. We provide free advocacy services in areas such as: special education/ higher education, employment,beneifts and more.

DREDF, Matrix and Support for Families
The agencies of the Northern California Region 4 Consortium (NCC4), consisting of Support for Families; Matrix; Disability Rights, Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) and Parents Helping Parents, work collaboratively and effectively to provide information and training to families of children with disabilities and/or special healthcare needs within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Family Resource Center at Community Gatepath
The Family Resource Center at Community Gatepath provides parent to parent support and resources to families of special needs children and the professionals that serve them throughout San Mateo County.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area
It’s fun. It’s healthy. It makes a difference. And it’s easy to get started! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, including many that do not require training. With 80,000 acres, we need your help towards our vision of Parks For All Forever.

Headstrong Nation
Headstrong Nation is a non-profit dedicated to serving the dyslexic community. We aim to end the isolation of the world’s largest disability group by providing information about dyslexia, self-advocacy and new technologies. Our vision is to create a movement in which people with dyslexia and LD can thrive.

Kinsights is a free advice-sharing network for parents. We’re an online community where you can get advice from parents who’ve been in your shoes before. Whether you have a question about learning and attention issues, local schools, or medical conditions, we’ll find parents in our network who can help.

Leonard I. Heller, CFP
Families with children with special needs, no matter what the age or disability, face many serious questions about how to best prepare for their future well-being. We can help you with critical issues like protecting government benefit eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), creating Special Needs Trusts and the importance of a Will.

Miceli Financial Partners
Families with children with special needs, no matter what the age or disability, face many serious questions about how to best prepare for their future well-being. We can help you with critical issues like protecting government benefit eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), creating Special Needs Trusts and the importance of a Will.

New Perspectives Center for Counseling
New Perspectives is a sliding scale fee counseling center offering effective and compassionate counseling and therapy to families, teens, individuals and couples of all ages. Our therapists use a variety of cutting edge therapeutic techniques helping clients cope with anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues and more.

Northern California Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (NCBIDA)
NCBIDA is a branch of The International Dyslexia Association (IDA). Our mission is to disseminate information about dyslexia. We offer workshops for parents and teachers, a hands-on simulation called Experience Dyslexia®, teacher training scholarships, an online referral service, and other resources to support those affected by this learning difference.

Parents Education Network
Parents Education Network (PEN) is a coalition of parents collaborating with educators, students and the community to empower and bring academic and life success to students with learning and attention differences. PEN is a grassroots organization, national in scope, working to ignite an education revolution that will acknowledge, appreciate and teach all students.

Build awareness and support for people with social disabilities. Understand what a social disability is and looks like in a social environment. How to interact and be a friend to someone with social disabilities.

Student Advisors for Education (SAFE)
Student Advisors for Education (SAFE) is a student community that strives to educate, mentor, and support students, parents and teachers regarding the challenges and strengths of students with learning and attention differences.

Telemundo 48
Desde nuestros estudios en San Jose y San Francisco te ofrecemos las noticias más importantes del Área de la Bahia. http://www.telemundo48.com/ Síganos también en http://twitter.com/telemundo48

UC Davis MIND Institute
The UC Davis MIND Institute ADHD Program is leading the field with research on the causes of ADHD and its impact on the lives of individuals, families and society.  We bring hope and help to families experiencing ADHD by identifying accurate diagnostic markers and by expanding treatment options for ADHD.

UCSF Autism & Dyslexia Program
The UCSF Autism and Neurodevelopment Program is a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, geneticists, pediatricians, neuroscientists, research coordinators, technologists and administrators located on the Parnassus campus of the University of California, San Francisco. We strive to find the causes of autism – and the most effective treatments.

Vision y Compromiso Covered CA Program
Covered California is a marketplace where consumers can compare and chose health plans. This marketplace will be the only place where those eligible can get financial assistance from the federal government to help pay for health coverage, now that getting health insurance is a new national requirement.

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