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exhibit_tableThe Exhibit Levels at EdRev 2015 will be open 9 am to 3 pm. In addition to over 100 companies, schools and organizations exhibiting, there will be:

  • The ever-expanding Technology Section!
  • Student Art Gallery, displaying all works submitted to the Art Contest
  • A range of relevant books for sale by Books Inc.

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Discovery Beyond School
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EdRev 2015 Exhibitors:

Community Corner

Northern California Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (NCBIDA)
NCBIDA was established in 1979 and serves as a leading resource for anyone seeking the most up-to-date information about dyslexia, a language-based learning disability that affects up to 20% of the US population. Our members include parents, educators, other professionals, and individuals with dyslexia.

Creativity Unleashed!

San Francisco SPCA AAT Programs
Our Puppy Dog Tales Reading program is designed to assist those struggling with basic literacy acquisition. We started working with schools, libraries, and boys and girls clubs in 2009. A three year study from 2008-2011 showed the efficacy of our reading to dogs program here in San Francisco.

SIKidSF A Sensory Parent Support Group
SIKidSF is a support group for parents of kids with sensory processing disorder.  Through our website and online group we are constantly recommending sensory related services, professionals, schools, research and tools to make life easier. We have intimate monthly in person meetings to share stories, vent and support each other.

Discovery Beyond School

Camp Kodiak

Global Leadership Adventures presents a fresh, new approach to service-learning for intellectually curious and socially-oriented teenagers. Programs are offered in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Participants explore historic and natural sites in different countries while they learn the local language and history, and serve the community through meaningful volunteer efforts.

Via Services
Via West Campus provides residential respite care with weekend and week-long programs throughout the year, amid 13 wooded acres in the Cupertino Foothills. That’s a simple description for a program that can mean the world to a parent or caregiver of someone with special needs.

School & Career Fair

Anova Education
Anova’s mission is to provide innovative educational and behavioral services to children with autism and related social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Our services are provided in school, community, and home environments, allowing individuals to function more independently, engage in meaningful relationships with others, and lead an improved quality of life.

Athena Academy
Athena Academy is a nonprofit private school in Palo Alto devoted to using the best teaching methods for dyslexic students in 1st through 8th grade. We develop an individualized education program for each student to be most effective at helping them overcome their obstacles, AND to teach to their strengths.

Chartwell School
Chartwell educates students with dyslexia and ADHD.  Lower, middle and high school students are taught from our research-based curriculum and are provided with the academic skills, confidence and creativity needed to be successful. For our high school students, the college preparatory program is delivered through project-based learning and field experiences.

Eagle Hill School
Eagle Hill School is a college preparatory boarding school for students with learning disabilities and ADD. At EHS, it is understood that all students are blessed with multiple and diverse learning abilities and that it is an educator’s responsibility to identify, celebrate, and support each student in capitalizing on his or her individual genius.

Forman School
Forman is a coed college preparatory school exclusively focused on empowering bright students who learn differently.

Fusion Academy & Learning Center
Fusion Academy is a revolutionary private middle and high school where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock academic potential. Here, the educational experience is completely customized around each student. Classes are self-paced, and the material is presented in a way that considers each student’s interests, strengths, and learning style.

Holden High School
Holden High School is a WASC accredited East Bay Area private non-profit high school committed to providing a unique and alternative approach to education. Since 1969, Holden has been devoted to developing a fully integrated range of teaching styles to work successfully with a broad range of learners.

Landmark College
Landmark College was the first institution of higher learning to pioneer college-level studies for students with dyslexia. Today, Landmark offers two- and four-year degree programs for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD, as well as summer programs for high school and college students who learn differently.

Landmark School: For students with language-based learning disabilities
Landmark School serves students (grades 2 – 12) with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities. The cornerstone of our coeducational program, and what differentiates Landmark from others, is a daily, one-to-one tutorial. Class sizes of 6 – 8, skills-based curriculum, specially trained faculty, and a variety of methods and programs individualize each student’s experience.

Orinda Academy
Orinda Academy is one of the finest independent schools in the bay area. We uniquely provide a college prep program which includes students with learning style differences and a diverse population. Orinda Academy is a fully accredited college preparatory school for grades 8-12. We provide small classes and an 8:1 student teacher ratio. Orinda Academy also provides arts, sports, academic coaching and college counseling.

Palo Alto Prep School
Palo Alto Preparatory is a unique learning environment which provides support systems that organize the condition in which students learn best. We utilize systems that accommodate the unique learning needs of every learner and support the positive relationships needed for effective learning. We build a strong sense of self esteem and personal responsibility through the support of students, faculty and parents.

The Purnell School
Purnell School, small college preparatory boarding school for girls 9-12, where girls with learning differences can flourish in a highly individualized academic program and supportive environment. 4:1 student/teacher ratio. Located in a peaceful country setting 1 hr. from NYC.

SALT Center
The SALT Center is a nationally recognized model of comprehensive enhanced services for students with learning and attention differences, including: Learning Strategies Instruction, Study Sessions (tutoring), and Assistive Technologies. Today, more than 550 college-bound students apply to fulfill their dream of earning a college degree at UA in Tucson, AZ.

Stanbridge Academy
Stanbridge Academy, a private K-12 school, provides a supportive community and a structured academic environment for students with mild to moderate learning differences and social communication disorders.  Stanbridge fosters academic and social growth, which enables students to become self-advocates, lifelong learners and engaged citizens.

Stellar Academy for Dyslexics

Sterne School
Sterne School is the only middle and high school in San Francisco dedicated to serving the needs of students with learning differences (LD). Sterne specializes in learning intervention via a strengths-and-strategies academic program, augmented by a comprehensive arts program, fully-integrated technology, executive function skill building, and at the high school, individualized college and career planning.

Testing & Solution Center

Arrowsmith Program – The Learning Studios
The Arrowsmith Program identifies and strengthens weak neuro-cognitive areas underlying learning dysfunctions.  It is founded on neuroscience research and over 40 years of experience demonstrating the efficacy of the program. When students complete the program, they are able to become effective, confident, and self-directed learners without special education assistance or program accommodations.

Arrowsmith Program at ALLS, Inc.
The Arrowsmith Program® was founded on the principles of neuroplasticity, and works to strengthen weak cognitive capacities that underlie learning differences. The Arrowsmith Program® currently addresses 19 cognitive functions, ranging from kinesthetic awareness to logical reasoning. Students from ages 6 to senior citizens are able to become more efficient learners.

Developmental Learning Solutions
Developmental Learning Solutions’ services and programs start by uncovering and understanding each person’s learning style. We create a plan to use inherent capabilities, support tools, and strategies for learning success. Since 1993, DLS learning specialists have supported thousands of public school, private school, and homeschool students in San Jose & Santa Cruz.

Literacy and Language Center
The Literacy and Language Center offers highly personalized multi-sensory programs in a one-to-one setting to improve reading, spelling, writing, verbal expression, reading and listening comprehension, critical thinking skills and vocabulary. These programs are appropriate for ages 5 to adult and are an excellent approach for all learning styles and abilities.

Tutor Corps
Tutor Corps works collaboratively with families, teachers, schools and consultants throughout the Bay Area to provide a range of educational services. One-on-One In-Home Tutoring; Homeschooling & Courses for Credit; Enrichment & Remedial Programs; Standardized Test Preparation; High School & College Applications.


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