Saturday April 16, 2016 | AT&T Park, San Francisco


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EdRev 2016 Keynote Speaker

Exciting announcement coming soon!

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EdRev 2016 Workshops

More details coming soon!

Assistive Technology Workshop – Title TBD

Shelley Haven ATP, RET Assistive Technology Consultant

Executive Function Workshop – Title TBD

Children’s Health Council

How Should We Think About Learning Differences? It’s Time for a New Approach

Brock and Fernett Eide

Language-Based Learning Differences and the Neuropsychological Evaluation

Melody O’Neil

Making the Jump to College and Landing on Both Feet

Carolyn Carpeneti

Mindsets and Resiliency

Laura Wingers

Student Advocacy

SAFE Panel


Dr. Paul Beljan


Kelly Priest

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