Saturday April 22, 2017 | AT&T Park, San Francisco


Stand Up, Speak Out

Technology for Learning Section @ EdRev 2017

Four ways to increase your Tech-KNOWLEDGE:

LEARN about it

  • Special morning workshop on technology for learning differences to start your day
  • The wall-sized Assistive Technology Mind Map provides a quick overview of common learning challenges and example tech solutions
  • Informational displays throughout the Tech Section help visitors understand key technology features, concepts, and terminology.

SEE it demonstrated

  • Visit five Demonstration Stations to see selected technology features demoed by experienced hosts
  • Visit Technology Exhibitors to learn about specific products and services
  • Visit new Chrome in the Classroom booth for tips on how to leverage Chrome and G Suite for diverse learners

TRY it yourself

  • Hands-on experience with selected tech tools at the Demonstration Stations with guidance from knowledgeable users

ASK a technology expert for guidance

  • EdRev’s Tech-Connect booth is operated by assistive technology experts who can answer your questions about learning technology and point you to resources at EdRev, in the Bay Area, and online
  • Technology exhibitors can answer questions about their specific products and services

Special Introductory Assistive Tech Workshop

9:00 – 10:15 am

Shelley’s Must-Know Technology Tools for Diverse Learners: 2017 Edition

Shelley Haven ATP, RET Assistive Technology Consultant

Technology is often called “the great equalizer” for students who learn differently, and with good reason.  The right tools, coupled with sound strategies, do more than just compensate for learning weaknesses; they also help students tap into their innate strengths, increase independence, and improve self-confidence.

Join assistive technology consultant Shelley Haven as she demonstrates her 2017 selection of game-changing technologies for students who struggle with reading, writing, math, taking notes, attention, organization, and planning.  This session will also help both beginners and experienced tech users get the most out of EdRev’s newly-designed Technology for Learning section.

Photo of mind mapAssistive Technology Mind Map

  • Visit the popular wall-sized overview of common learning challenges and examples of potentially beneficial tools.

Assistive Technology Mind Map at EdRev 2014 (right)

Ask an Expert: The Tech-Connect Booth

  • Staffed by knowledgeable AT specialists, and hosted by TechPotential (Shelley Haven ATP, RET)
  • Information on the AT process including assessment, training, and implementation
  • Guidance toward resources at EdRev, in the Bay Area, and online

*NEW* Leveraging Chrome in the Classroom

By coupling thoughtfully-selected apps, extensions, and add-ons with the right strategies, teachers can leverage the Chrome platform and G Suite apps to meet the needs of all learners.

Join Kris Hill and John Langrill of Chartwell School as they highlight their Top Ten Chrome and G Suite Apps & Extensions for both teaching and learning. Also drop by and share your favorite G Suite tip, trick, app or extension as we build our virtual wall of Chrome resources to share and use with your students.

Hands-On Demonstration Stations

Five Demonstration Stations will allow visitors to see and try out a thoughtfully-selected set of devices and software. Here are the important technology features and concepts you can see and try at the Demonstration Stations:
Reading & Comprehension

  • Narrated audiobooks
  • Electronic text (e-text) plus text-to-speech software
  • Aids for visual tracking and attention
  • Digital annotation of e-text

Writing & Composition

  • Graphic organizer software – outline, diagram, and mind map
  • Special contextual spellcheckers
  • Word prediction software with topic lists
  • Speech recognition

Math Notation & Concepts

  • Math notation apps for elementary school math
  • Typing higher-level math equations (algebra through calculus)
  • Math graphing and drawing software
  • Virtual manipulatives

Notetaking & Study

  • Smartpens and apps that link audio recording to typed or handwritten notes
  • Annotation software

Attention, Organization, & Planning

  • Distraction reducers
  • Apps to help manage time and tasks
  • Calendar software

Technology Exhibitors

See the listing here.


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