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Educator Friday Sessions

Are you an educator looking for professional development that you can really use?

Join us at Oracle Park — a day of professional development on the Bay!

When: Friday, May 3, 2019, 9:30 – 2:30 PM
Where: Oracle Park, San Francisco
Cost: $195 (includes lunch)

Registration deadline: April 29, 2019

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CEUs available through Association of Educational Therapists (AET).

Choose one of these sessions:

Chris Harris

Supporting Students to Reach Their Potential through Executive Function

Chris Harris, MEd, Director of Esther B. Clark Schools

Executive Function (EF) issues impact students’ ability to perform according to their potential across multiple cognitive domains. Recognizing the processes that EF plays in learning content is critical in helping teachers understand when seemingly capable students do not perform to their potential. In the morning, this workshop will demystify the components that comprise our Executive Functions. The afternoon workshop will focus on strategies that build and accommodate when delayed maturation of EF is evident to mitigate the discrepancy between “knowing and showing.”

By the end of the day workshop attendees will:

  • Know the components that comprise the Executive Functions and how they impact learning.
  • Recognize when an assignment may demand Executive Functioning that may be too developmentally advanced for a student.
  • Have a toolbox of strategies and supports to build and accommodate the development of a student’s Executive Functioning.

This session is for educators including general education and special education teachers, tutors, learning specialists and educational therapists who work with 5th grade through high school aged students.

About the Speaker

Chris Harris, MEd is the Director of Esther B. Clark Schools at CHC. He has developed and refined specialized interdisciplinary programming for children with learning, social-emotional and attention challenges for more than 15 years. He is also an adjunct lecturer in the Graduate School Special Education Department at San José State University. In the past, Chris has also served as Executive Director at The Janus School, Pennsylvania, The Chartwell School, Monterey, California, and Children’s Health Council.

Shelley Haven

Technology Supports for Reading & Writing: A Practical Guide to Selecting & Implementing Tools

Shelley Haven, Assistive Technology Consultant

Do you have students in your classroom who struggle with reading and writing? Technology can help them improve their academic performance as well as increase independence and build self-confidence. Successful outcomes, however, require more than just knowledge about tools. How do you “make it happen”?  This session will provide a practical approach to building effective assistive technology solutions for students who struggle with reading and writing. Through demonstrations and some light hands-on activities, Assistive Technology Consultant Shelley Haven will guide you through strategies for selecting, implementing, and supporting technology solutions that “work” (i.e., produce the desired results) for your students.

Session includes:

  • Demonstrations of how specific technology features address challenges associated with reading (fluency, comprehension, critical thinking, and taking notes) and with writing (composition, writing mechanics, vocabulary, and producing text).
  • Strategies for applying tools to accomplish common academic tasks (such as taking notes while reading, brainstorming ideas prior to writing, completing a worksheet).
  • Acquiring, creating, and sharing accessible educational materials for use with these reading and writing tools.
  • Protocols for objectively evaluating the effectiveness of technology supports for reading and writing.

This session is for educators including general education and special education teachers, tutors, learning specialists and educational therapists who work with struggling readers and writers in grades 4 through college.

About the Speaker

Shelley Haven, ATP, RET has worked for the past 32 years helping individuals with physical, sensory, cognitive, and learning challenges to unlock their potential with technology. Her experience in assistive technology (AT) encompasses a wide range of activities: evaluating client needs, designing and fabricating custom solutions, conducting workshops, and managing a technology resource center. She currently works as an assistive technology consultant in private practice with a focus on technology for learning disabilities, ADHD, and executive functioning, as well as technology to support Universal Design for Learning in schools. Shelley has provided AT training and technical assistance to hundreds of school and districts, and previously directed AT resources and services for Stanford University’s Office of Accessible Education.