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Supporting the 1 in 5 Mini-Conference

For those who teach and support the 1 in 5 with learning and attention issues

Are you an educator who wants to learn how to support all students effectively? Especially those students with learning and attention challenges? Are you a parent of a child with learning and attention challenges trying to figure out how to navigate the journey? This mini-conference is just for you!


Saturday, February 8, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


CHC South Bay
2280 Kenwood Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128


$225 for the day
(includes lunch)

A Special Saturday…

Please join us for a day of conversation and discussion with expert advice about working with children and youth with learning and attention differences. Choose from sessions for both parents and educators. Go home with new understandings and practical tips for supporting your kids whether at home or in the classroom.

For Educators

Register for the Educator track and select one of these three sessions:

  • The Best Strategies to Promote Executive Function Skills in the Classroom

    Everyone seems to be talking about the importance of Executive Functioning. Are you wondering –what is it really? And how can I as an educator teach and embed these valuable skills in my instruction and classroom? Sign up for this educator workshop and you’ll walk away with the strategies you need to promote executive function skills in your classroom. This session will be taught by Cindy Lopez, Director of Community Connections at CHC.

  • Learning objectives:

  • · Have a working definition of Executive Function (EF)
  • · Know the components that comprise Executive Functions and how they impact learning
  • · Understand breakdowns in EF
  • · Learn how to use tools to help you determine where your students are at with EF development
  • · Identify strategies that you can use with your students

  • Planning and Implementation of Effective Strategies for Challenging Behavior

    Does student behavior often interfere with learning? Too often educators need more tools to address the ever changing behavioral, emotional, and social needs of students in special education classrooms. Sign up for this educator workshop to learn about a framework to utilize to address challenging behavior in your classroom. This session will be taught by Jody Miller, Head of EBC Schools.

  • Learning objectives:

  • · Understand the foundation of creating positive classroom environments
  • · Identify the functions of behavior
  • · Identify target challenge behavior
  • · Create data collection systems
  • · Identify the corresponding proactive and reactive strategies to challenging behaviors
  • · Create and implement a positive behavior intervention plan (PBIP)

  • Differentiated Learning for Different Learners

    The concept of differentiating instruction is often perceived as ominous and impractical. This workshop for educators will demystify how differentiating can actually become a teacher’s ally because it expands the options teachers have at their disposal. This session will be taught by Chris Harris, Chief Schools Officer at CHC.

  • Learning objectives:

  • · Understanding the practice principles of Universal Design for Learning for classrooms with “different learners”
  • · Have tried out some practical ways of differentiating instruction, student responses and classroom environments
  • · Perceive that differentiation is not an impossible task to implement
  • · See how it can improve student’s access to Common Core State Curricular Standards
  • · Learn how to group students more strategically based on their learning profiles, aptitudes and challenges

For Parents

Register for the Parent track that includes both of these sessions:

  • A Parent’s Guide to Psycho-Educational Assessments

    In this intensive parent workshop, learn more about all aspects of Psycho-Educational Assessments–what is included, how to understand the results, and strategies for using the assessment to effectively support your child. This session will led by Dr. Melanie Hsu, Clinical Program Manager.

  • Learning objectives:

  • · Be introduced to the components of a psycho-educational assessment and how they relate to a child’s functioning
  • · Have a working knowledge of the components and terms used in assessments
  • · Be able to identify how results correlate with areas of strength and weaknesses
  • · Understand how to functionally apply findings and recommendations to their children
  • · Have resources to access for more support

  • Be Your Child’s Champion

    No one knows your child like you do. In this intensive parent workshop, learn more about how to effectively support and advocate for your child. We’ll provide tips and strategies for having conversations — starting with your own child about their strengths and challenges, as well as your child’s teacher or principal, and even your spouse and other family members. This session will led by Kendra Evans Fraka, LCSW.

  • Learning objectives:

  • · Use validation as an effective tool to communicate with your child
  • · Use your child’s strengths and set them up for success and build their confidence
  • · Outline barriers that can interfere with your child’s social, emotional or academic progress
  • · Identify players on your child’s team
  • · Formulate achievable goals across environments
  • · Identify community resources to support your family and your child


For more information about this event, please contact Michele White