Presentations - EdRev Expo 2018


2018 Presentations

There were many excellent presenters speaking on topics of interest regarding the 1 in 5 with learning and attention issues at EdRev Expo 2018. You may view the slides for each of the EdRev Expo 2018 workshops and spotlight sessions listed below. To access a presentation, click on an image or the title below the image.

If you are interested in presenting at EdRev Expo 2019, information will be posted on the EdRev Expo website this fall.

ADHD is a SuperpowerADHD is a Superpower

Presenter: Ross Loofbourrow

ADHD and Technology-How Do They MixADHD & Technology—How Do They Mix?

Presenter: Bob Cunningham

Advocacy in ActionAdvocacy in Action—Sharing Your Story to Make Change

Presenters: Meghan Whittaker and Robert Stephens

Dyslexia RulesDyslexia Rules!

Presenter: Makayla Halbower

Empowering Family Around ADHDEmpowering the Family Around ADHD

Presenters: Jack Fahy, Allison Yuri Iwoaka-Scott, Hannah Jones, and Karen Shelton

Family DynamicsFamily Dynamics

Presenter: Jude Wolf, Lori Krauss, and Nathan Fernandez

Is it ADHD Anxiety or BothIs it ADHD, Anxiety, or Both?

Presenters: Glen Elliott and Chris Harris

Learning Differences and AnxietyLearning Differences and Anxiety

Presenter: Robert Hendren

Mindfulness and Test TakingMindfulness & Test Taking

Presenter: John Neville

Music of Mental Health and Well-BeingThe Music of Mental Health & Well-Being

Presenter: Jared Leaderman

Parent Advocacy Public School SystemParent Advocacy in the Public School System

Presenters: Katie Russell, Julia Martin, and Alida Fisher

Preparing for IEP meetingPreparing for an IEP Meeting

Presenter: Natasha Quiroga

Preparing Kids for LaunchPreparing Kids for Launch

Presenter: Damon Korb

Speaking the College LanguageSpeaking the College Language

Presenters: Manu Banerjee and Adam Lalor

Supporting Growth of Executive Function SkillsSupport the Growth of EF Skills

Presenters: Vanessa Fasoli, Caitlin Hoffman, and Hanna Gelfand

Transforming Special EdTransforming Special Education

Presenters: Thomas Maffai and Amanda Machado