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Age Appropriate Executive Functioning Skills & Strategies to Build Persistence

ExecFunction251Simply put, executive functioning skills are the set of mental skills that we use to plan, organize and complete tasks. These skills develop over time and at different rates in individual children. Persistence, or grit refers to how a child perseveres in the face of a challenge.

How do you know if your child or teen has executive functioning issues? Do they possess the skills to see a task through to completion? A handout from the EdRev Expo 2018 workshop Family Dynamics lists the sorts of developmental tasks kids at different ages and stages should be able to do and includes strategies to build persistence, a critical skill in overcoming challenges. Download your copy here.

For additional context, see the post about the EdRev Expo 2018 workshop Family Dynamics, in which presenters  Jude Wolf, Ed.D., Lori Krauss, and Nathan Fernandez refer to this handout as they share strategies and approaches used to ensure success throughout the life-span.

Learn more by reading this article on executive functioning issues on the website.