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Campaign Urges Turning Captions on to Improve Reading Skills

Want to promote more reading? Encourage students and families to turn on the captions while they stream video. That’s what a new literacy campaign targeting students aged 8 to 12 is promoting. “#captionsON” is an initiative launched by Caption Cool. Caption Cool has no products other than free stickers it will send to any teacher, administrator, parent or literacy champion who signs up on its website.

According to the organization, 30 minutes of screen time with captions on is comparable to reading 30 pages of a grade 5 book.

Caption Cool was created by Leib Lurie, co-founder of Kids Read Now, a nonprofit that produces a K-3 summer reading program and gifts books to students across the country.

Their latest project has drawn the attention of “literacy champions,” including educators, to promote the practice of running captions during student screen time.

More information about #captionsOn is available through the Caption Cool website.

Excerpted from “Campaign Urges Turning Captions on to Improve Reading Skills” in T|H|E Journal. Read the full article online.

Source: T|H|E Journal | Campaign Urges Turning Captions on to Improve Reading Skill, | copyright 2020