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Free Learning Resources from the Center for Children and Families

The Center for Children and Families is a Florida International University program and clinical research center dedicated to improving the lives of children and families struggling with mental health problems.

FIU Effective Child Therapy offers free high-quality learning resources for both parents and professionals about evidence-based practices that promote child and adolescent mental health.

The online Parent Resource Center contains downloadable fact sheets, treatment materials, and assessment instruments, many also available in Spanish:

Fact Sheets
ADHD: What Parents And Teachers Should Know
ADHD Psychosocial Fact Sheet
ADHD Medication Information for Parents and Teachers

Treatment Materials
How to Establish a Daily Report Card
Homework Tips for Parents of ADHD Children

Assessment Instruments
Parent/Teacher Disruptive Behavior Disorder Rating Scale
Impairment Rating Scales (IRS)
Clinical Intake Interview
Disruptive Behavior Disorders Parent Interview
Classroom Management Procedures
Parenting Practices Interview
Improvement Rating Form for Counselors
Improvement Rating Form for Parents
Improvement Rating Form for Teachers
Side Effects Rating Scale
Monthly Impairment Rating Scale for Teachers

CCF offers free videos and resources that are applicable to a wide variety of professionals who work with youth and their parents. Professionals have the opportunity to earn free continuing education units (CEUs) for many of the resources available.

Source: Florida International University | Center for Children and Families, | Copyright © 2020 FIU