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Parenting a Child With Special Needs

This Voices of Compassion podcast episode features Dr. Joaquin Burciaga, a neuropsychologist at CHC and dad of a daughter with special needs. Hear about Joaquin’s parenting journey, what he and his wife have learned, how they make it work for their family and find joy in the process.

When COVID closed schools, Dr. Joaquin Burciaga and his wife, both neuropsychologists, transformed their living room into a preschool for their daughter with special needs. Over the past year, they’ve learned a thing or two about resilience, patience and the importance of flexibility. Dr. Burciaga is amazed that kids were ever expected to sit still at a desk all day, and has come to peace with the fact that things don’t often go as expected. He has learned to trust his gut, be kind to himself and let his best be good enough. Most of all, Dr. Burciaga has realized the wondrous strength of his daughter, who is exceeding expectations and beating the odds every single day. Tune in for more wit and wisdom on his parenting journey.

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