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Technology to Support Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills, which involve working memory, flexible thinking and self-monitoring, are key to learning. A child with executive functioning issues may have difficulty with prioritization, planning, and time management, understanding and following directions, or staying focused on tasks through completion.

There are strategies and supports that can help children and young adults with executive functioning challenges, including technology.

Download this helpful handout, Tech to Support Executive Functions, to learn about apps and tools that can help with organization, planning and prioritization, sustaining attention, self-monitoring, working memory, emotional regulation, and more.

Learn more about executive functioning by reading this article  on the website.

Also see  the EdRev Expo 2018 workshop, Support the Growth of Executive Functioning Skills, in which Vanessa Fasoli, ACC , Spark Focus, Caitlin Hoffman, Academic Coaching Works!,  Hanna Gelfand, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, and Sandra Reader provide tips and tricks to support executive function skill development for yourself, your child or your students.