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When Should You Seek the Advice of a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Written by Nova Consunto, Speech-Language Pathologist  at CHC

With kids’ speech and language abilities developing at such different rates, it’s hard to know when to be concerned about delays. Here are the top ten indicators that it might be time to consult with a Speech-Language Pathologist.

It might be time to ask an expert when your child:

  1. has difficulty following directions
  2. does not consistently respond to his/her name
  3. does not seem to be learning new words rapidly
  4. exhibits difficulty using language to get his/her needs met
  5. has pronunciation issues or is hard to understand
  6. does not engage in or play with peers
  7. does not respond to or use greetings, e.g., “hello” or “bye-bye”
  8. has trouble engaging in conversations
  9. has language-based difficulties in school
  10. misinterprets social situations and has difficulty maintaining friendships

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