The fall season marks the end of summer activities and brings back to school and a chance to hit the reset button with routines and schedules. There is something about getting back into routines and predictable schedules that provides a calming effect on most families.

The structure of routines are especially helpful for with learning and attention issues.

Two routines to establish (if you haven’t already!):

1. Prep the night before

  • Pack lunch/snack
  • Pack backpack with binder, homework, any needed books or other notes
  • Lay out clothes for next day (including socks, underwear, shoes and even hair clips

2. Use a morning routine checklist

  • Create a simple morning routine checklist, laminate it and put it on a clipboard with dry erase marker so your child can easily check things off as completed each morning
  • The checklist can include words/images/icons for morning tasks such as brush teeth and hair, eat breakfast, get dressed, make your bed, get your backpack (that was packed the night before)

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