Welcome to EdRev 2018 - EdRev Expo 2018

Welcome to EdRev 2018

Welcome Notes

CHC Executive Director

I am very honored to welcome you to the 10th Anniversary of EdRev at AT&T Park this year! We are so grateful to PEN, Understood.org, the Understood partners, our sponsors and exhibitors, and of course, our speakers and volunteers who are all working together to make this wonderful day happen.

CHC is 100% committed to the 1 in 5 with learning and attention issues and the anxiety and depression that often compound these challenges. I feel very confident in saying that any child, teen or young adult with LD or ADHD feels anxiety most of the time. They are afraid their “difference” will be outed, afraid of being ridiculed, teased or bullied in school, afraid of what their brain might do to embarrass them, afraid to disappoint their parents, afraid of the future. They are plagued with questions. Can I get into college? What kind of job will I be able to do? Why am I so good in some areas but so “dumb” in others? When treating LD and ADHD, we must at least consider treating anxiety as well.

Now more than ever, the 1 in 5 need our support. We all want our children, teens and young adults to be able to find wellness, hope and resiliency. This is what EdRev is all about. Enjoy your day!

Rosalie Whitlock, PhD
Executive Director of CHC

Chair, CHC Board of Directors

Dear EdRev Participants,

I join Rosalie in welcoming everyone to this wonderful event today. I hope you enjoy, celebrate, connect with new and old friends and take home ideas and resources to use and share with others as you progress on your journey with your family. I am the mom of a son with learning issues plus anxiety. We experienced a long and challenging journey. He is an adult now and doing well, but I can honestly say that I wish with all my heart there had been at EdRev when he was younger. I could have really used it. I send my support to you all and my very best wishes for a strong and resilient future.

Elaine Hahn, Chair
Board of Directors, CHC

Managing Director, Understood.org

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate EdRev’s 10th Anniversary, Understood is thrilled to be partnering with CHC/PEN to bring together parents, educators, and young adults who care about learning and attention issues! As someone with learning and attention issues, I’m always so moved by the energy and excitement that has come to define EdRev; I only wish there had been an EdRev in my community growing up.

Understood.org, powered by NCLD in collaboration with 14 founding nonprofit partners including CHC/PEN, launched a little over three years ago to give parents a place to go for all of the information, support and access to experts they need to help their children navigate the journey through school and life. More than two million parents are coming to Understood.org each month to access the thousands of free resources as well as to connect with other parents of the one in five. We believe that an informed, confident parent is the best advocate to enable their child to thrive.

CHC/PEN has been an amazing partner. Rosalie, Cindy, Michele, the board and all of the wonderful volunteers have worked tirelessly to make the 10th Anniversary of EdRev such an incredible celebration, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to partner together on this momentous occasion.

We welcome parents, students, educators and all those who care about the one in five with learning and attention issues to a day filled with learning, community, inspiration and hope.

Kevin Hager
Managing Director, Understood.org