Education Revolution: Resources,
support and events for the 1 in 5

About CHC’s EdRev Community

Are you a parent, educator or other professional who works with students with learning and attention issues—and sometimes anxiety? You are not alone. CHC’s EdRev Community is especially for you. Here you will learn more about the 1 in 5 with learning and attention issues, access great resources and understand how you can take action to support those students. Take a look around and come back often—we hope you will learn something new every day!

EdRev Community Education

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Plan to attend one of our Community Education sessions in person, or you can access a replay in our Resource Library about one week after the event.

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Do you know a child with dyslexia or other learning and attention issues?

We can help.

Sand Hill School is an independent day school with strengths-based learning for 1st−8th grade kids with dyslexia and other learning differences.The Silicon Valley school where learning differences are considered superpowers.