Students with learning and attention issues usually have a frustrating and discouraging experience with school.  Generally, typical classrooms are set up to focus on academics–reading, writing and more. So the child with learning differences spends most of the day in a setting that focuses on all of their challenges and that ends up being a disheartening experience that robs them of self-esteem.

We want to change the school experience for our students.

Sally and Bennett Shaywitz are researchers at Yale who have spent years focusing on dyslexia and how the brain works.  Sally Shaywitz talks about how kids with dyslexia are often blessed with a ‘sea of strengths.’ The challenges of the child with dyslexia are often surrounded by strengths in reasoning, problem solving, comprehension, concept formation, critical thinking, general knowledge and vocabulary. (Read more about their research: here.)

One of our important tasks as educators and also for you as parents is to help our students identify their strengths and then to give them opportunities to cultivate those strengths. has some ideas that may support you as you help your child explore their strengths.

Here’s to recognizing and celebrating this ‘sea of strengths’ in each child.