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Concerned About Your Child’s Learning?

After nearly a year of remote learning, parents have a window into their child’s learning style like never before. As a parent, you may have observed some behaviors that make you wonder: does my child have a learning or attention difference or is it just Zoom-fatigue?

We sat down with Chris Harris, MEd, an expert in learning, social-emotional, behavioral and attention challenges, to find out.

Teachers are usually on the front lines of our child’s well-being, noticing learning, behavioral or attention challenges, supporting them in the classroom and relaying them to us as parents. With our kids learning from home, it’s much harder for teachers to identify and defuse potential causes for concern. While many parents are busy with their own work and responsibilities, there are some red flags to be aware of that may indicate your child is struggling with more than just slouching over a screen.

In this podcast episode, CHC’s Chief Schools Officer, Chris Harris, MEd, helps us distinguish between learning differences and Zoom-fatigue; collaborate with teachers to ensure our child’s needs are being met; weigh the pros and cons of transferring schools; and keep goals and outcomes realistic.

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