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Free Back-to-School Mindfulness Toolkit

As educators and parents, the beginning of the school year can be a stressful time, full with planning, planning, planning … doing, doing, doing. What if there were a toolkit that could help us ease back into the classroom with confidence and a sense of calm? There is!

The Mindful Schools team has carefully curated a free Mindful Schools Back to School Toolkit, which includes something for you, for your students, and for your classroom.

What’s in the Mindful Schools Back to School Toolkit?

  1. Guided mindfulness practice. Listen to a 3- or 10-minute guided audio practice, in moments of stress or calm, so you can feel more grounded and energized for the year.
  2. Back to school K-12 activity. The first weeks of school are a time when everyone, teachers and students alike, can benefit from additional pauses and extra breaths throughout the day. The Back to School PDF includes tips to weave in a few mindful breaths throughout your day – especially at transition points.
  3. Printable poster. Get an encouraging reminder for you and your students to find mindful moments throughout the day. Consider placing your poster where it will catch students’ eyes and remind them to pause and take a breath. Try your front door or by your room number, at the top of the whiteboard, or by the classroom agenda or objectives of the day.
Source: Mindful Schools | Welcome Back to School, | © 2010-2019 Mindful Schools
Mindful Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that began in a classroom at Emerson Elementary School in Oakland, CA in 2007 when a small team assembled their collective experience in education, social justice, and mindfulness. The program is founded on the belief that mindfulness provides young people with a compass to navigate their lives.